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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Watson Wednesday:Bark Box - Take One

Bark Box - Have you ever heard of it? I caught on to Bark Box via reading other blogs and I finally decided back in September that I'd bite the bullet and sign Watson up for a three month subscription. The boxes are created based on some questions you answer about your dog on their site and usually contain 5 things; 3 are treat-related and 2 are toys. Watson is not big on toys...and by not big on toys, I mean he doesn't play with them. *sigh* Sad but true.

The lack of toy playing is why I signed up for just three months (at this point). I don't want him to become overrun with toys that I know he won't play with...unless he undergoes a major personality change. Watson received his first Bark Box back in late September - this post is sort of delayed - and so I thought I'd share what his very first box had and what he "thought" of his new things!

Watson loved his package - he was so excited to sniff & investigate everything in it!
Watson's first box had three treat type things and two toys - just like I'd expected it to. The theme of the box was New York, New York; the hometown of Bark Box! He was very interested in his box, no doubt because he could smell everything in it and wanted to get at it. He's so silly and investigated each thing as I pulled it out, sniffing and even licking a couple things. His first bark box had...

Nootie Mini YumZies Pepperoni
These treats are grain-free chicken treats and are very tiny; which is probably because they are training treats. Watson seems to like them pretty well and always gobbles them down when I give them to him. I don't know that I'd seek them out in the store and buy them after this, but Watson liked them fine...so we'll call this one a win.

Harry Barker French Canvas Bone
One of the "toys"; this is a canvas bone backed with berber fleece and stuffed with eco-friendly fiberfill made from recycled bottles. Watson has "played" with this for all of 3 seconds; the time it took him to take it from me and set it down, seriously. He is not interested and it's just sitting in his bed. So, I guess this one is a lose - but I think it's precious!

Butcher's Block LLC Bully Stick
A 10 inch bully stick that our information card says is 100% digestible, odor-free and dog-gone delicious! It was hand trimmed and made in the USA...and took Watson about 10 minutes to inhale completely. He loved it but when I found it what a bully stick is made of (google that if you dare) and learned that they are usually really high in sodium, I decided I wouldn't be seeking them out for him to munch on anymore.

BarkMade Lady Liberty Ball
A durable rendition of Lady Liberty herself - this thing even squeaks when squeezed! Watson played with this for just a few seconds, hopping around and batting it, much to my extreme surprise. I might have gotten too excited that he was playing with it because I shouted excitedly and he immediately quit and walked away. It's been sitting in his bed ever since...and when I squeak it, he looks at me funny.

Healthy Dogma Bacon Barkers
The third of the treats - Watson seems a little ambivalent about these. They're grain and gluten free;
he'll eat them but they aren't his favorite. Watson doesn't typically like cookie style treats as a general rule, so I was pretty sure he wouldn't be interested in these...and while he won't say no to them (he doesn't say no to treats..ever) he will leave them laying around for a while before he decides to eat them.

So - that was our first experience with Bark Box. The boxes normally ship on the 15th of each month, so we should be getting another one pretty soon and I can't wait to see what the box has this month. Especially since I was able to go online and critique my first box so they could adjust accordingly for the next box. I'll be back soon with another Bark Box review - with Watson's help, of course!

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