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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Watson Wednesday - Halloween Edition

I know Halloween is still a couple days away but I thought I'd make this week's Watson Wednesday a special edition and share some Halloween snapshots of him from years past. I can't believe this will be my seventh Halloween with the little guy - and don't worry, he's got a costume for this year too!

2009 - No costume, scrawny & really NOT sure about this pumpkin!
2010 - Not actually a Halloween picture...but he's in costume. so why not?
2011 - The bee in the garden for Trunk or Treat - he "buzzed" around all night long!
2012 - He was the Jolly Roger for my pirate "ship"...
2013 - A hoot owl...& probably the best costume to date! He's adorable!
2014 - The Wizard of Oz guarding the Emerald City...this one was kind of last minute. Oh well.
Do you dress your pets up for Halloween? When I first got Watson I promised myself I wouldn't be one of those people that dressed my dog in clothes or anything like that...but as you can see, I obviously didn't keep that promise too well. Ha-ha! Happy (almost) Halloween!

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