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Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday

One. D23 Expo - Perhaps you are not; like me, a huge Disney nerd. If you are a Disney nerd, you know this past week was the D23 Expo and they released so much amazing information that even though our family is going to Disney in January...my sister and I are already discussing when we can go again to see all the new things!

Sleeping in the middle of the Star Wars universe? Yes please!
A restaurant at Mission Space? Yep! Toy Story Land? Yep! A Ratatouille ride at Epcot? Yes indeed! A Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Epcot? Oh yes! Not just a land wholely devoted to Star Wars but a resort wholely devoted to Star Wars? OMG - YES! My Disney nerd heart can't take it... Maybe I should just pack up now and move to Orlando?

Ratatouille fun around Paris? I'm in! 

Two. Game of Thrones - The seventh season has finally...finally...after over a year of waiting...premiered! I was so happy to curl up on the couch in the dark of the living room and finally go back to Westeros again last Sunday night. I was applauding within the first few minutes and was; of course, completely entranced throughout the entire episode. I can't wait to see how the great game plays out and who (if anyone at all) is sitting on the Iron Throne when all is said and done. I also cannot believe there are only twelve episodes left for the entire series - six more for season seven and six for the final season. *sigh*

Game of Thrones game of thrones hbo got jon snow GIF

Three. Nationals Baseball - We finally...finally traded for some bullpen help! Hallelujah! If I could do those little raised hands emojis here, I definitely would! The week began with news that the Nationals had traded Blake Treinen and some prospects to the Athletics for relief pitchers Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle. I'm not sure that it completely solves the bullpen issues but at least it's a step in the right direction!

The Nationals are spending the weekend in Arizona taking on the Diamondbacks before coming home to battle it out against the Brewers and the Rockies. I'll be taking in one of the games in the Rockies series and since I haven't been to the ballpark since July 4th - I cannot wait to be back at one of my favorite places!

Four. Weekend Plan - I don't have anything on the agenda this weekend; I've mentioned going to see The Big Sick with a friend but I'm waiting to see how that pans out. Otherwise, I'll be sleeping in, sipping coffee, relaxing on the deck (if it's not blazing hot...) and getting ready for another awesome episode of Game of Thrones!

Five. About today - I think the meme below sums it up pretty well - so, I'm out! Happy Friday y'all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Watson Wednesday

My sweet pup - surgery is no big thing for him - he bounced right back and has spent most of the first half of this week pestering me to let him be outside all the time...taking turns napping in all his favorite spots...and most importantly, begging for just one small bite please..one little bite of whatever anyone else is eating.

Bonus - he now has a beautiful and shiny smile and no growth blocking his pearly white! That shiny smile makes begging for a bite to eat just a little bit easier!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hectic is Putting it Mildly

The past week and a half have been - as the title suggests - hectic; and that's perhaps putting a bit mildly. Mind you, life outside the office hasn't been so terribly stressful but work has been filled with full days, armfuls of folders and well...you get the idea.

Monday was so completely all consuming that once the work day was done, I came home and did my exercise, had dinner, cleaned my bathroom (I lead a life of glamour - no doubt about it) and finally just chilled a little bit before falling into bed. Blogging never even popped into my mind...oops!

Getting a bath makes him SO disgruntled.
Last week was busy and each day when I got home, all I cared to do was get my exercise done, have my dinner and really just read for a bit and do nothing. I think I need to see my way toward getting a laptop computer because after sitting at a desk all day during work, I find that I don't want to sit behind a desk at home - and my computer at home - is on a desk! I think if I could relax on my couch with an episode of House Hunters or a Nationals game in the background, that would be ideal! 

Any who - enough about me and the ramblings of time and hectic work days and computer choices - and on to other things...

Operation: Pet Surgery 
Watson had his surgery last Friday and came through with flying colors! I'm not sure why I doubted he would but suffice it to say that I was in a bit of a panic for most of the day on Friday. When I dropped the little guy off at the vet and left, he was absolutely not okay with it and fought to get to the door and escape behind me - talk about breaking your heart! Thankfully by about 10:45 the vet's office had sent me a text message to let me know the surgery was done and he was groggy but recovering well - I was halfway through a forty-five minute workout and was able to finish the back half without feeling like I was going to be sick! 

I picked the little fellow up around 3:00 on Friday afternoon and also got three different medications for him as well! I left the vet with a pet pharmacy in my pocket and a little dog who kept groaning at me all the way home. *sigh* Thankfully I was able to give him some pain medicine once we were home, he finally settled down and by Saturday morning was back to his normal, rambunctious self!

Saturday morning pedicure - yes please!
Saturday morning (later in the morning) my Mom and I made out way to get pedicures and then after a quick bite at Panera Bread and a run through Fresh Market, we were off to our friends' house in West Virginia to celebrate a third birthday. 

We spent a large chunk of the afternoon celebrating the birthday girl...I followed her through the backyard and watched her spin herself around in the swings, she told me all about their new camper, we jumped on the trampoline and in between all of that and having cake and ice cream, I also got in some snuggles with the smallest family member. 

Talking to Evie...Amelia is wondering why she's not my focus, ha-ha!
The birthday princess - so sweet.
Sweet Evie isn't so sure about everything that's going on...
Given the birthday girl's curly red hair and petite stature, she reminds everyone of Annie - so on Saturday afternoon, I asked her "Amelia - is it a hard knock life?" She looked at me for a minute and then said "No!" The spoiled rotten little sweetie is 100% correct!

I gave Amelia; who is plane obsessed, a Little People airport - which was a big hit. Not just with the three year old it was intended for...but also with the two older kids, who couldn't quite keep away from it and had to be reminded again and again that it was not their toy. Who knew when the age range on the box said 3-5 it should have also said in parenthesis (and 9-11 year olds as well...)

The air traffic controller talking with the little plane fanatic about her airport...
We just aren't sure about those big kids & all the noise they're making...
All smiles with the birthday girl!
Sunday morning I really pushed myself on the elliptical because the promise of both brunch and supper at Olive Garden let me know I'd have to burn some serious calories in advance if I wanted to eat anything and everything delicious throughout the rest of the day! It paid off well - I joined my Mom for brunch at Regions 117 and every bite was absolutely divine! The croissant french toast with fresh strawberries and cream cheese was to die for and I ate every bite!

Living in the lap of luxury!
Who knew my knee made such a nice pillow?
After whiling away the afternoon on the deck, watching the Nationals beat the Reds 14-4 and shopping for the week's groceries at Wal-Mart, we went and had that dinner at Olive Garden and while I managed to finish my day well under my calorie goal - I've decided that Olive Garden is the place that healthy eating goes to die. Ha-ha!

Once I was home again, I made sure to finally stick my new Nationals magnet to my car and did some reading to pass the time until Game of Thrones seventh season finally premiered. A great end to a lovely; if too quick, weekend!

It's so true - Watson's favorite player is Jayson Werth.
And here we are - already into Tuesday afternoon and I'm only able to finally get around to recapping the previous week! Whoosh! I told you - it's been hectic. Here's hoping it starts to slow down soon!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Five on Friday

Watson's Surgery -  I'm off work today (yay!) because my sweet pup is having his surgery today (boo!). I'm lucky enough to work at a wonderful office and my boss was kind enough to let me take the day off to tend to my sweet pup and whatever he may need once his surgery is done. Ironically, my dog is having his surgery today, my co-worker's dog is having surgery next week...and my other co-worker's dog is having surgery in three weeks! All of the pet operations!

My sweet boy...
Watson's surgery should be pretty straight forward and easy. He's having a small growth removed from his mouth (you can see it in the above picture) and they'll also clean his teeth while he's under anesthesia. A couple days of eating his food with some chicken broth to soften it and he'll be feeling like a new pup with a brand new smile!

Lorac Beauty & the Beast Lip Gloss - I know...I mentioned these glosses a few weeks ago, but I have fallen in love with them! The color palette is varied and beautiful, the gloss goes on smooth and does not get sticky and moisturizes my lips really well too! This gloss certainly wasn't made for extended wear, but I love having one (or two) in my purse to swipe on for a bit of color, shine and moisture!

Nationals Baseball - It's been All-Star Week and the Nationals had five players representing down in Miami this week during the officially unofficial halfway point of the season! Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman all took their curly W's down to the beach to show off their skills and play some baseball at Marlin's Park! Sadly, the National League team was bested by the American League team 2-1 in the tenth inning...but Max started the game for the National League and was pretty flawless and there was something pretty special about the entire right side of the field being Curly W's!  

The second half of the season starts up tonight and that means that Nationals will in Cincinnati for the weekend taking on the Reds, before visiting the Los Angeles Angels and the Arizona Diamondbacks. A long road trip before they return to DC - here's hoping for some wins!

Disney 2018 - This week marked 180 days until our trip to Disney World and so that means it was time to make dining reservations! There are so many good places to eat at Disney World but the only place I could think about was...Be Our Guest! I was on pins and needles waiting for the reservation to be made; Be Our Guest is one of the most popular restaurants at Disney and books up extremely quickly! Happily, we got our spot booked and so early next year, I'll finally get to dine at the Beast's castle! #DreamComeTrue

You better believe I'll be trying the Grey Stuff!
So - the title here is misleading because this week I've only got four point, not five! It's been a wild week at work and today was pretty intense with all the worry about the pup... I should probably learn to chill out a little bit, ha-ha! Anywho, I'm off to enjoy my weekend and...well...chill out a little bit!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stitch Fix - An Update

Stitch Fix - I've said it before, I'll say it again - I do love getting a box from Stitch Fix in the mail! I've been dropping the ball on posting about my Fixes and I've really been dropping the ball on taking pictures of myself in the clothes. Oh well; I'll have to try to do better on both accounts, but this is what I've got for this time around - pictures of clothes and descriptions!

I've compiled two Fixes in one post - so I'll start with my Eighth Fix - I asked for a pair of shorts and some tops that could be worn throughout the Summer season. I also asked for some colorful sandals, but they must have been all out of those because there were no shoes in the mix...there was a bag though! I will say - I think somewhere along the way (maybe around my seventh fix...) my stylist changed to a different person and I'm not sure we've quite "meshed" yet...

I wonder what I kept...
Fix Eight

Solene Split Back Top ($44.00) - I sadly do not have a picture of this top; fail! It is the most gorgeous navy, coral and white paisley pattern, sleeveless with a split detail in the back. I loved the shirt but the fit was too snug across my chest (surprise...surprise...) and the arm holes were a bit too large. I kept it though - and it's now in my Mom's closet.

Leland Embroidery Detail Knit Top ($44.00) - Navy blue eyelet with the cutest stitched motif across the neck; I love this top! The fit is great, it's very airy for warm summer days and I love a good navy shirt! This one was a keeper!

Terrence Distressed Frayed Hem Bermuda ($48.00) - Jean shorts that are cute and actually fit well? Yes please! I'd asked for a pair of shorts and my stylist really came through here - these shorts are cute, just the right amount of distressing and they fit really well! Of course they were a keeper!

Aliana Contrast Trim Knit Top ($46.00) - This top is white with thing navy stripes and red contrast trim at the sleeves and neck. It's lightweight and I love anything and everything that is slightly nautical, so this one was a real winner for me! Bonus points because it's lightweight enough for summer wear and will make a great layering piece in the fall and winter! Another keeper!

Anchorage Striped Canvas Tote ($64.00) - I didn't ask for a bag but I fell in love with this bag from the minute I pulled it out of the box! Navy and white stripes with a tan leather detail on the front and handles; the bag is large and roomy, has multiple pockets and is well made. It's easy to carry and I can see it being so functional for flying and just traveling in general - this was a big hit with me! Another keeper!

The Milden Lace Detail Blouse & Aliana Contrast Trim Knit Top - both cute - only one was a keeper!

So - Fix Eight wasn't a complete win - but I did end up keeping everything because it was less expensive to do that! As with every Fix, you get your $20 styling fee off anything you decide to keep and if you choose to keep all five items, you will get 25% off as well! I also had a $30 credit from a Stitch Fix Gift Card (shout out to my Momma!) and so all five pieces actually ended up only being $139.00! I really think you can't beat that! 

The Leland Embroidery Knit Detail Top & the Shalley Split Neck Blouse - both keepers!
Fix Nine

Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short ($58.00) - I really loved these shorts and the cute pattern...they fit well and were actually pretty comfortable; but I know my personal comfort level, and I honestly just didn't know if I'd ever wear them. *sigh* So I sent them back!

Shalley Split Neck Blouse ($48.00) - This blouse...oh my goodness. The colors absolutely pop off this top; hot pink and navy, two colors that you can never go wrong with! I love how flowy this top is; it will pair well with dress clothes or can be dressed down...and a part of me really wants some white jeans to rock with it! I fell in love with this piece as soon as I pulled it out of the package and so of course, it was a keeper!

Milden Lace Detail Blouse ($44.00) - A gorgeous shirt; so beautiful and with such intricate lace detailing, it was gorgeous and fit just perfectly. However, I felt like it was really too similar to the navy shirt I received in my eighth fix and I just don't think I need two shirts that are SO alike! So I sent this back as well! 

Lillie Cuffed Denim Short ($58.00) - Another pair of shorts...and what's more, another pair of shorts that fit! These shorts were adorable and fit well but yet again I was coming up with the same thought: I got a pair of shorts almost just like these in fix number eight and I just don't think I'll get the wear out of two pair of jean shorts! So...say it with me now...I sent these back!

Bessie Knit Maxi Dress ($58.00) - This dress is almost impossible to see in the picture above; oops! It was made from a gray and white striped jersey material and it just did absolutely nothing for me. It fit but it definitely did not flatter! It clung to all the wrong things, accentuated the parts that no woman wants to accentuate and yep - this went back in the mailing envelope pretty much immediately!

The Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short & Lillie Cuffed Denim Short - they both went back!

Fix Nine was almost a complete bust - I guess you win some and you lose some, right? The only item I kept was the Shalley Split Neck Blouse because I just could not pass up that gorgeous bright blue and pink! I obviously didn't get the 25% off, but I did get the $20 styling fee toward my purchase, so I got the top for $28.00! Not bad at all!

All the goodies I kept! 
Obviously with any service like Stitch Fix, there is always a gamble - you are letting someone you've never met choose clothes for you based on your online profile. However, my experience as a whole has always been great and that's why I keep scheduling the next Fix. There is just something so fun about arriving home to find that cute teal and white box sitting on the porch and wondering what might be inside! 

I think everyone should try Stitch Fix at least once and if you have never given it a try and would like to, please feel free to use my link, which I've shared below - knowing that I will get a bit of credit if you sign up for your first fix through my link! I think any lady can appreciate that, right?

Also - Stitch Fix isn't just for the ladies - they have also started Stitch Fix for Men! If you have a man in your life that hates to shop, this would be the perfect chance to get five potential wardrobe pieces without having to set foot outside of your house (I mean...you may have to step out on the porch to get the box...). What can I say? I love Stitch Fix and I bet if you gave it a try, you would too!

Such an awesome bag!

My Stitch Fix Link: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/9219429?sod=w&som=c&str=16330

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Watson Wednesday

My little pup - chief napper and securer of the best spots to curl up - he sure does make me laugh with his funny ways. Always sure to seek out the top of the pillow heap as the place where he wants to take his nap.

Most days I think he is scared of his shadow...but then there are other days (like today) that he gets upset with me because I won't let him race across the street to "attack" the neighbors golden retrievers and protect the entire neighborhood from their scourge. When that happens, he won't look at me - I guess he's too disappointed in me to even meet my eyes.

He can almost always be found on the deck these days - curled up in a ball on the couch, taking a snooze...or maybe even stretched across the hot (to me at least) planks of the deck, soaking in the sunlight. 

My little boo is having a little spot of surgery on Friday morning. He's had a growth in his mouth for a while now, but it recently started to grow and the vet thought it would be best if it was removed. It's nothing "major" but he will be put to sleep and of course, my pet momma heart is all aflutter. 

He sure does make me smile and I hope that soon his little smile will be back to normal!

Monday, July 10, 2017

...I've Got Nothin...

...Monday once more...and I am having vivid recollections of what I was doing this time last week...

Reading in the shade on the afternoon of the third...
The July Fourth holiday meant that the office closed at 12:00 on Monday and so I spent my afternoon baking, exercising, walking around the neighborhood with my pup and reading out on the deck. It was lovely - but it's also important to earn a living - and so this Monday looks like a workday...

Hello gorgeous sunset...
Fourth of July festivities...
The week was sort of a whirlwind and I think I mentioned in my post on Friday that I struggled to keep up with what day it was! Early day on Monday...off all day on Tuesday...by the time I was back at work on Monday, I wasn't sure what day it was! And yet somehow - I prevailed. I made my way through the work week...I survived a particularly long Friday and finally, the weekend arrived!

A little afternoon snack for the pup...
Friday night after having some delicious Mexican food for supper (is it bad that I'm still thinking about it and typing this is making my mouth water??), my Mom and I went about fifteen minutes up the road to Shenandoah University for the theatre departments performance of Beauty and the Beast as part of the Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre series. The play was good and the performers were (mostly) well suited to their parts - the Beast was a wee bit scrawny - but overall, it was a lovely play and fun to watch!
An evening at the theatre...
Saturday morning was spent with my pup at the vet - he's having a little operation this Friday and so he had to have some preliminary tests run - so that was a fun way to start the day... NOT. My pup has never so much as made a peep at the vet before and suddenly on Saturday, he squeaked and squealed at every prick. My pet momma heart was struggling! 

After a relaxing Saturday afternoon - for both me and the dog - I met up with my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy and we saw Spider-man: Homecoming! It was a great movie; I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also thoroughly enjoyed how the goofy little punk sitting next to me had to text me as soon as it ended to ask "did you like the movie?" Texting when I was mere inches away...goofy kid...

Less than a week to go...can't wait!
Sunday was a fairly lazy day - I relaxed with my sweet pup; he seemed to be dragging a little bit. Something tells me that his shots from the day before were taking a bit of a toll on him. Poor little guy. I helped my Mom make oodles of star and moon sugar cookies for VBS snack...and I iced oodles of cupcakes, stars and moons too...sneaking a bite of icing here and there, of course!

When you know your dog is rotten...
So - this post is short and sweet. Perhaps a longer one later in the week? Only time will tell... And if you need a giggle, feel free to keep scrolling...

So...Facebook messenger has filters...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Five on Friday

Short Work Week/July Fourth - I am never one to complain about a short work week...but July Fourth being on a Tuesday has scrambled my brain y'all! My office closed on Monday at 12:00 and when we returned on Wednesday morning...I spent most of the day thinking it was Monday! I'm still not 100% convinced that today is Friday...ha-ha!

We celebrated the Fourth in an extremely (in my humble opinion) "American" fashion - catching a baseball game at Nationals Park! Delicious BBQ and a bright blue snowball (hence the super patriotic tongue) were part of the fun and my Nationals won - which is always grand! We rounded out our evening with snacks and fireworks put on by some family friends. It was a wonderful (if really warm) day! 

Sunshine - As in...it's been raining since Tuesday night and today the sun has finally broken through the clouds! It's the little things and let me tell you..some sunshine is a little thing that goes a long way!

Beauty & the Beast - I know what you're thinking (if you read this blog with any frequency)...how many times can you watch that movie?? Well dear reader; I am not referencing the wonderful film(s) with this post. My Mom and I will be going to watch the Shenandoah University theater department put on a performance of Beauty and the Beast tonight and I can't wait! I've seen the animated film and the live action film both too many times to count, I've seen the stage show at Hollywood Studios more than once (or twice) but I've never seen an actual theatrical performance! I completely missed Beauty and the Beast when it was on Broadway (*tear*) but perhaps this will be close enough?

Spider-Man Homecoming - Another Marvel Universe movie is coming out this weekend and I'll be making my way to the theater to see it on Saturday night. I'm going with my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy; I think we've seen every Marvel movie that has come out together since I moved to Virginia in 2014! I've always enjoyed Spider-Man...but the version with Tobey Maguire and even Andrew Garfield always seemed to lack a certain...something. I've heard good things and I definitely thought Spidey stole the show in Civil War - so perhaps this telling of Spider-Man will have just the right stuff!

Nationals Baseball - It's been a week for the Nationals...there were some wins, a postponed game (because of rain) and a lost game that was played three hours late (because of...no wait, the rain never came...). The Nationals beat the Mets on July Fourth and that was especially lovely to me because...well...the Mets are one of the Nationals biggest rivals. I'd also actually never watched the Nationals play the Mets and I was dearly hoping (as I do at every Nationals game) that we'd win. The Braves are in town for the weekend and then it's All-Star Week! 

The Nationals have five All Stars this year: Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper! Go Nationals!

And - that's all I've got for this edition of Five on Friday! As always, I'm linking up with April over at Smidge of This! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!