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A 30-something living in the foothills of the Virginia mountains; I'm saved by grace, addicted to coffee and my little sister is my best friend! I devote most of my time to exploring, reading, attending as many Nationals games as possible and documenting life here. My Prince Charming got lost somewhere along the way...but I'm trying to remain hopeful that true love exists.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 Things

  • ONE - I drink coffee like a fiend. Please observe the exhibit below...and know that is just one of what might amount to about twenty photos just like that.
  • TWO - Apparently as much as I like to think selfies are stupid, I take a LOT of them. I updated my phone recently & it so kindly created a "Selfie" folder. There were 165. Fail.
  • THREE - I was born in California, "grew up" in Mississippi and now live in Virginia. That's right, I started on one coast and worked my way across the US. 
  • FOUR - I have been to 37 of the 50 states (actually 51, counting DC)
  • FIVE - I cheer for the Washington Nationals, the New Orleans Saints & the Mississippi State Bulldogs...at this point I have no preference when it comes to basketball, hockey, soccer or whatever else there is to cheer for. Baseball & football provide me with almost year round sports coverage & that's good enough.
  • SIX - I love purses & shoes. I can't help it...I just do. I've been known to spend more money than necessary on both & I am not ashamed. 
  • SEVEN - My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love it. So much.
  • EIGHT - I also really enjoy Halloween but I don't like to be scared or watch scary movies. I once screamed out loud in a movie theater...much to my best friend's horror. I did warn him....
  • NINE - I read. A lot. I own SO many books & when I moved, the same friend from #8 told me if I didn't re-read every box of books he carried into my house, he'd kill me. Ha!
  • TEN - I absolutely LOVE my job. It took me a while to find, I went through some crummy jobs before I found it...but I love where I'm at now. 
  • ELEVEN - I've been blogging for six years. It's a constant work in progress, like all things in life.
  • TWELVE - I'm a dog person & I've had three over the course of my lifetime: a beagle named Hunny (yes, like Winnie the Pooh's pots), a black lab named Tanner and a Jack Russell named Watson. 
  • THIRTEEN - I watch too much TV...and for that reason, I don't know how I lived before DVR.
  • FOURTEEN - I don't do heights. This probably has a lot to do with why I'm not a fan of flying, riding roller coasters and wouldn't bungee jump if you paid me.
  • FIFTEEN - I love to sleep. My family makes fun of me but I just really like my bed & I'm not ashamed to say that on weeknights I usually get in the bed around 9:30. Grandma style? Maybe.
  • SIXTEEN - I visit Target once a week (at least). It just draws me in...& realizing there was not one but two Targets within mere miles of where I live...well that is a fairly accurate description of Heaven on Earth.
  • SEVENTEEN - I absolutely love Washington DC. If I didn't have to sell my soul, give up my first born child and sacrifice a limb to afford the cost of living...I'd be there. Seriously.
  • EIGHTEEN - I like lists. I like to make them & I really like to cross things off of them. Sometimes I'll make a list after the fact...just to cross things off. It's a sickness, I know.
  • NINETEEN - I am an iTunes addict...or I suppose I should really say, music addict. My phone currently has almost 2,000 songs on it. Yep...
  • TWENTY - I knew the first time I entered Nationals Park that I was going to be a Nats fan. Why? Everything was "Nats" this and "Nats" that...and my nickname since I was small (whether my Mom liked it or not...) has been...Nat. Fans have "nattitude" & I was essentially born with that...being named Natalie and having attitude. A lot more has endeared me to my team since then...but that was the initial love affair.
  • TWENTY-ONE - I love history & I especially love touring Antebellum homes. I'm also convinced that ALL old houses are haunted. 
  • TWENTY-TWO - My favorite color is blue. 
  • TWENTY-THREE - While I love venturing into the mountains or down to the shore, I will almost always choose the mountains over the beach. I'm just not big on sand or swimming in water I can't see through. Now if that beach is in Hawaii...
  • TWENTY-FOUR - My little sister says I'm the "awesomest" sister in the world...which is interesting since growing up, even though she is six years younger, she tried to convince me I was adopted. Hmmm... ;)
  • TWENTY-FIVE - I love owls. I think they're impossibly cute & adorable. I have owl figurines, owl jewelry, an owl pillow, owl bookends, an owl bookmark, an owl notepad on my desk, an owl candle warmer...the list goes on & on....
  • TWENTY-SIX - I'm a bona fide nerd. I own comic books, I play with light sabers when I pass them in the store & I know the difference between Marvel & DC comic book characters.
  • TWENTY-SEVEN - My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, my District is 3 & my Faction is ...well, I'm Divergent (Amity & Candor). If you have no clue what any of this means, you probably haven't read some of the best-selling books of the past fifteen years.
  • TWENTY-EIGHT - My favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch...I don't suppose I really have a favorite actor.
  • TWENTY-NINE - According to family history research, my family is descended from a Scottish Laird in Aberdeenshire, Scotland(the gateway to the Highlands). My family was essentially Scottish royalty...so...feel free to bow. Ha!
  • THIRTY - I don't like reality television. At all.
  • THIRTY-ONE - It took me way too long to come up with thirty-one things; I don't know what I'll do when I have to come up with 40+. Hey...at least that's nine years away.

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