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Monday, April 29, 2013

April...Where Have You Gone?

Another week has passed and another Monday is here. Mondays, as they usually go; aren't exactly the greatest day. I'm getting a package in the mail today from my sweet parents, so this Monday has a built-in bright spot already. Here's to hoping the whole day will go well.

Monday's blue skies...these are from last Monday, obviously!
Okay, in case anyone hasn't noticed; I have developed a full on Game of Thrones obsession. Seriously, love watching the show and most anything that has to do with it. I think one of the main reasons this show draws me in is that it is so intricate in the plot lines; there is so much happening and to watch this show requires attention - it's a show that you have to focus on. The relationships, the plot lines, the twists and turns that you won't see coming (unless you've read the books, which I have)...it's basically one of the, if not the best show on TV right now. I think. I honestly wonder sometimes how people who haven't read the books are able to watch the show because of all the information that she books provide. Of course, I'm just a big nerd and so I love knowing what is going to happen and then seeing these crazy talented actors bring to life the stuff I've already read in the books. Every episode is fantastic; last night's was no exception. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau deserves an Emmy for last night alone, just saying. If you've never watched it - get into it. Or maybe read the books first.
So - I bought a cook book based on food from the show. That's right. I'm going to whip up some beef and bacon pie, some pork pie, breakfast on the wall...even some lemon cakes. Lemon cakes that Sansa would be jealous of. Ha-ha. That's right folks, I'm going to do some medieval cooking up in my kitchen!!

Books about Game of Thrones - because yep, I'm a nerd. Who wants to come eat?

Detail on one of my books - it's the history of Westeros. Again - I'm a gigantic nerd. I'm completely okay with that too.

I need to vacuum out my car - someone got in with dirty feets....

Exactly. I think I'd die....

A lovely package on Thursday - my Thirty-One order! Can't wait to use this stuff, Watson has already taken several walks with his new leash.

I have been growing my hair out now for months and months and months...I don't think I've had hair as long as this in years. When I say years, I mean...since I was about ten. I've loved having really long hair, but on Thursday I finally decided to give it the chop. Let me preface this by saying I absolutely love my new hair do, but I guess I either didn't realize just how long my hair was or I didn't realize how much I was getting cut off. My wonderful hair stylist has wanted me to cut it for awhile, but she always does whatever I ask, even if it isn't chopping off all my hair. She looked at the picture I showed her and went to town. When she was done, I loved it...and then I looked down at the floor and couldn't believe I'd had that much hair!! My head felt so light and I'm loving the new do...but man, I guess my hair really was long!

Seriously - that cannot all be mine, right?

Taking too many selfies because I'm in love with my new hair!

Watson using his new leash for a Thursday evening walk...

Watson with his "friend"...that he isn't quite sure what to think of.

Friday afternoon snack.

I swear - Wal Mart gets so much of my money. But I guess you've got to eat, right?

Nature walk with the little fur ball...

Friday night snack...

A girl at work had these on Friday, I made it my mission to find them on Friday night. Victory!

We went shopping on Saturday morning - I guess W thought he'd drive home?

A weekend full of presents - baby shower, birthday and wedding. Whoosh!

Oh hey - guess what? I got the best news ever on Saturday afternoon! My splendid little sister called to tell me that she'd be making her way down to MS to visit for about 5 days in the month of May. Too excited for this; I cannot wait to see my sweet little sister. I'm not sure what kind of mischief will get up to, but there are only 15 short days between now and when she comes!

Oh yeah!! Can't wait for mid-May!
Speaking of little sisters, another crazy thing this weekend - McKenna turned 15. Whoa! I have known McKenna since before she was born and I'm pretty sure I was one of the first people outside of her family that held her at the hospital. She is like my second little sister and I've been watching her grow up just like I did Lindsey. I spend Saturday evening having cake and ice cream at her house and then seeing her off to her first prom. It made me feel old y'all. It also made me see how quickly time can pass - 15 years have flown by like 15 minutes.

Happy 15th Birthday to you!

The cute lil couple, all matchy-matchy and bound for prom!

Seriously - where has the time gone? I barely remember the people in that top photo.

And yes - she's taller than me. She'd be taller than me without heels. Wow.

Such a beautiful young lady.

Visiting with Nanny on Saturday night - he's listening intently to what she was saying.

Since Watson has been living as an inside dog these days, courtesy of the neighborhood attack dog, he spends a lot of time sitting at the front door. Well, on Saturday night I had shut the front door and that presented a problem for Watson. Not one to be deterred by a little shut door, he got down to figuring out the window. I'd had the windows open all day to let in a breeze and he kept going to the window, trying to sort out how he could see out of it. He's done this before, but I moved some things around and he thought his path was blocked. Well..as you can see, he figured it out and then spent the next couple hours peering out into the dark night, growling and barking at Lord only knows what. Silly dog.

Watson on the scene - playing the role of security guard.

Slipped this one in just one more time - because I love this picture.

It came a flood on Sunday afternoon, which made for perfect nap weather. I managed to shake myself from sleeping for a couple hours to wade through puddles with Watson and go to a baby shower for a friend. It was one of the cutest showers I've been to in a long while, Dr. Seuss themed and absolutely precious. I rounded out my evening watching Once Upon A Time and of course, Game of Thrones! I spent the last little bit of my night reading, curled up in my bed. It was glorious.

Here comes the rain...and thunder...

Seriously cute couple and seriously cute shower. Loved every minute!

Watson got in several naps on Sunday afternoon, taking advantage of the rainy day.

Some photos from our rainy Sunday afternoon walk.

April is almost over y'all - 2013 is just streaming on along. Since we're already a third of the way through 2013 (really, can you believe that??) I guess I can say that so far, it's been alright. I'm not sure if it's been what I thought it would be but I don't know if life is ever that. So, here's to seeing what unfolds in the other 2/3rds of this year!

Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Running Out Of Titles...

Yeah - exactly. I keep trying to think of cutesy, tongue-in-cheek titles for these posts each week and they just fail me. Maybe it is the state of my brain when I write them? I've got Monday brain when I do these things and I think that makes a difference in the quality. Example? I just spelled makes as amkes...I mean, hello dyslexic thinking! I'm going to certainly blame that on a bad case of the Mondays/tossing and turning last night in bed and move on; I love a good Sunday afternoon nap but sometimes I think they cause me major strife when bedtime rolls around on Sunday night. Oh well...onward!

This past week moved fast and the weekend moved even faster. I felt like I was basically useless when it came to getting things done on Saturday....but let me not get ahead of myself.

Someone in the office decided to share leftover gummie bunnies. They were amazing, obviously.

Sometimes he acts so much like a kid as opposed to a pup that it just kills me - look at that face? Hugging his stuffed hedgehog? Yes, it completely kills me. In the best way ever.
Quick interjection - last Monday night (4/15/13) was the second season finale for Dallas and the big question hanging over the show was; yet again, who shot JR? I don't know if any of you out there watch Dallas (except Mom, I know you watch it Mom) but I have to say, I was not so pleased with the outcome. I'm not going to elaborate on that since maybe you will all decide to develop an interest in the show, but suffice it to say that my Mom and I (who have regular text conversations during "our shows") were both like, "wait...what?" at the end. So...maybe it will get renewed for a third season, because I do love some John Ross and also because, I'd hate for that to be the way it ended...because that just didn't do it for me.

My "baby" in the backseat on Tuesday morning. He loves getting to ride to Nanny's each morning, even if it is only about 50 yards away.

So true. But it will make the numbers on the scale go up. Decisions, decisions...


Let me explain the above picture: Nathan Fillion, who plays Richard Castle on the ABC show Castle is also a huge fan of Game of Thrones and he came up with those absolutely amazing Bingo boards to use while watching the show. I'm torn now, because when I watch Game of Thrones, I assume the position of rapt attention and don't normally respond to anyone or anything for an hour. If you've received a response to a text message between the hour of 8-9 on Sunday night, you should feel special. Anyway, I digress... these Bingo boards make me wish I had someone to watch with so we could actually play Bingo. Of course, I was so completely engrossed in the episode last night that I forgot about it until after the episode ended. It's a conundrum really, but a good one to have.
No interest in watching Duck Dynasty on Wednesday night...he just wanted to mope.

The threat of crazy weather on Thursday night...which actually turned out to be an idle threat here. Just a little wind, a little rain & a rumble of thunder.

He just couldn't take it - he crashed on Thursday night. Too funny.
Friday night had that glorious routine feeling to it and sometimes that bothers me, but this week it didn't. I washed all my clothes on Friday night, ate pizza (this is a weekly routine) and watched both a movie and a small Game of Thrones marathon (the first 3 episodes of the 3rd season were on). It's an addiction y'all, but it's a good one. I read while I laid in the bed and that was also wonderful. Basically, Friday evening was just great.

I'm telling you, there is just something so wonderful about a lazy Saturday morning. I love them and at this point in my life, I get to have them a lot more often than not. I like to think I'm banking the extra sleep for one day when I need it; if only it worked that way. There is some kind of magic (at least to me) about being able to just lay in the warmth of your bed and know that if you really wanted to, you could lay there all day with no real consequence. Once you get out of the bed though, that spell is broken and I usually find something I need to take care of. This Saturday I was pretty worthless when it came to doing things. I managed to clean my bathroom and tidy up around the house a bit, but otherwise the day was spent laying around watching a random movie on HBO, reading some chapters of a book, meandering around the yard with my pup and just being lazy. It was good. I also watched the movie We Bought A Zoo, which was so good. Matt Damon was killing me with the tears, but they were warm fuzzy tears. Oh yeah...and I cooked red beans and rice; which was delicious.

Coffee....so good.

Colorful ingredients! It was smelling good in my house Saturday afternoon!

Delicious? Oh..yes indeed it was.

I just like how colorful this picture is...all the green and pink! And the yummy!

Throwback to earlier in the week - trying to keep cool with 2 fans. I refuse to cut my AC on before May. I refuse.

Silly boy - we were trying to send a picture to Mom & Lindsey. He is obviously thrilled.

The faces he makes....

I'm going to have to do something about the begging...he really is getting a little too forward.

Sunday morning was fun, which was nice because sometimes my Sunday mornings can become stressful at a moment's notice. I spend Sunday School cuddling a little sweetheart who normally has nothing to do with me, but suddenly this week I was her favorite person. I'm going to be honest, that is a lovely feeling. She took a liking to my necklace and wore it for over an hour. Sweet girl. I also got to spend some time with a good friend and hang out with my little buddy for an hour; he was as sweet as always and I love passing the time rocking babies and talking to friends.
Precious - oh yes indeed.

My buddy - so glad to get to cuddle him again, even if only for a few minutes. He's busy being a big boy these days.

Sunday afternoon was more laziness, napping, reading, walking with the little pup and doing just a little bit of tidying up around the house. The weather on Sunday afternoon was wonderful and I wish that I could let my sweet Watson run free...but right now, he just can't. I prefer a live dog as opposed to a dead dog and the threat of being jumped is always there. *sigh*

What you looking at there buddy?

Late Spring...just a few pictures from in the yard, around the house & in the car.

He wanted to visit Nanny...but she wasn't at home.

Watson says "hey Mom, I'm way cuter than those dragons and direwolves on Game of Thrones, right?"
Well, I guess that's about all for now. Monday is more than halfway over, at least for me. Just got to make it about three more hours and then I'm home free until Tuesday morning. Hope this week is as good as last week was, granted...the weekend can certainly feel free to move a little slower.