Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Long Weekend Things

How is the long weekend already over? I mean - I suppose it didn't fly by or anything but it does feel like the weekend just started and it's already Tuesday! Granted; since it's already Tuesday, that means the next weekend will arrive a bit more quickly... right? 

Friday night my Mom and I had a little bit of a girl's night and popped into a couple shops (Hobby Lobby, Pier One, Target) before grabbing dinner at Chick Fil A. We went to see Knives Out at the theater at the local mall and we popped into Hallmark ahead of the movie - all the ornaments were 75% off and I scored FIVE ornaments for $24! Talk about a steal! I have feelings about Knives Out - but I'll share those in my end of the month post...


Saturday was a pretty chill day - there was absolutely nothing on the agenda and so I ended up sleeping in, getting in some exercise and reading quite a lot of The Testaments - all before lunch! It sleeted and snowed on and off throughout the day, so Watson and I took some very slow walks around the neighborhood... busting my butt was not on the agenda. 



I ended up spending the afternoon doing a little bit of this and that, honestly a whole lot of nothing but then again - I suppose Winter weekends are for doing a whole lot of nothing? After having chili for dinner (the perfect food for a crummy Winter day), I took a bubble bath and ended up finally watching Marriage Story on Netflix - which I thought was really good. All the awards for Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansen!



Sunday was another pretty chill day - granted; I guess the whole weekend was chill, when I really think about it. I used my Chi Spin & Curl for the first time and discovered that it was going to be startlingly easy to curl my hair with the thing - it's maybe one of the best things I've ever bought! After church, lunch out and a grocery run - it was home for the afternoon where I read, exercised, cleaned out my dresser drawers and watched a little football here and there... 

I ended the evening watching the SAG Awards with my sister - her in Oklahoma and me here in Virginia - we text our thoughts back and forth but the thought most prevalent in my mind was that I didn't have to set an alarm for Monday!



I slept in on Monday *praise hands* and after just sort of sitting around a bit, I joined my parents for lunch at Olive Garden and then trailed them around as they shopped for new living room furniture. They ended up being successful at the final stop and once that was all sorted out, it was already late afternoon. I passed the rest of the day with reading, getting things ready for the work week and watching the new season of Home Town.

Apparently having a new hair tool that makes my hair curly seemed to inspire quite a lot of selfies this weekend - not entirely sure why! Regardless - there is one weekend left in January and then it's into another month we go. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Five on Friday

One. Chi Spin & Curl - Does that thing look like a torture weapon or what? Ha! I have seen video after video of this thing in action and it would seem that it pretty much painlessly and with very little fanfare produces the most perfect and long-lasting curls. I couldn't resist the prospect of having really good hair... so I used some of my Christmas bonus to snag one.

Image result for chi spin and curl"

So - here's hoping that the numerous videos of demonstrations that I watched are correct and I come out of this experiment with all my hair intact! Better yet - here's hoping I come out of this experience with fabulous curls! I'll keep you posted!

Two. Stitch Fix Update - I haven't talked about Stitch Fix in ages but I'm still getting them every month and recently my stylist has just been hitting it out of the park! I suppose one day I'll actually do another post where I'm modeling the clothes but that day isn't today... since I'm sitting at my desk at the office, have none of the clothes with me and yep... that's that.

Jenna Suede Bootie Lilianna Tiered Knit DressVedans Cable Knit Pullover 
Alexa Skinny PantKurtis Jacquard Dot Pullover Vernon Mixed Material Top

I didn't ask for the cute moss green booties but they are adorable... would you believe I haven't even worn them yet though? I have this weird habit of holding on to new things and waiting for that perfect moment to wear them... it's weird, I know! The black dress is less impressive in the picture but has become a closet favorite - as have both the mustard and cranberry colored sweaters! The black pants are perfect for both work and play and the baseball tee is cute and comfortable!

If you've thought about trying Stitch Fix - feel free to use my link to try it out!

Three. Flashback Friday - A cliche turn of phrase but then again, that's exactly what it is. Apparently on this very day seven years ago - it came up a snowstorm in Mississippi and of course, like any good Southerner - I took a million pictures of the snow! I also apparently ended up going into work, which is probably more surprising than the snow!

Y'all know people in the South cannot function when it snows and yet - somehow it would seem that I had to saddle up and drive on snow and ice covered roads into town to put in a day's honest work. Perhaps I was just preparing myself for living in the Northernmost portion(s) of the South? Who knows. Either way - the snow is nice to look at!

Four. He's Cute - It's not Watson Wednesday (thank the Lord it's not Wednesday...) but then again, in my life it's Watson Wednesday every day! I'm sort of obsessed with my little old man and I have to feel like if I think he's that cute, you might too!

He was begging for a bite of peanut butter last night - and what this picture doesn't capture is that he wanted that peanut butter so badly that he was shaking! This dog y'all - he's a mess!

Five. Maybe This is Petty - But if it is, you can mark me down as petty! This week has been wild with all the news coming out of the MLB with the Astros punishment getting handed down, coupled with further resignations within the Red Sox and the Mets - all due to this mess that is the Astros stealing signs. Apparently they continued to do so throughout the 2018 and 2019 seasons, into and throughout the post season...

Which means that when my Washington Nationals beat the Astros in the World Series - they beat them while they were cheating. That baseball banging off the foul pole in game seven turned that whole game around and we went on to win it all - so you better believe I'll be wearing my t-shirt with pride. And if that makes me petty - so be it!


Here's hoping you have a nice weekend! Not sure what I'll be getting up to but Saturday may be a snowy and icy mess - so I may not do much at all. Who knows? 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Watson Wednesday


How impossibly cute is he? I managed to snag this little face he's making by chance - but I love it!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Five on Friday

One. Snow - Tuesday was something of a snow day, which was rather unexpected but I'll always take some extra hours of time at home... I mean, who wouldn't? It started snowing around 10:45 and by 12:30 we decided it would be best if we headed home from work - for reasons I cannot fathom, none of the roads had been treated. I didn't have any trouble getting home although the roads weren't great, but I enjoyed my afternoon of free time! 

The snow was thick and wet - so it stuck hard and fast to everything, turning the trees into works of art. I love the way trees look covered in snow and the way the whole world sort of hushes as snow falls... it's quiet and it's also quite magical. The picture of the lake below is from a neighbor as I didn't walk all the way to the lake on Tuesday. The rest are my pictures though.

I am quite thankful for snow blowers - my Dad was gifted one last year for Christmas and that meant when it finally stopped around 5, I didn't have to go shovel - just drive the little machine up and down the driveway and watch the snow blow off the path! I love it! 

Two. Weekend Things - Ooh man, I am glad to see Friday arrive! Anyone else? I'm popping out to the movies tonight to see 1917, which I've heard nothing but good things about and so I'm looking forward to seeing that. I'll be sleeping in tomorrow and then in the afternoon I'm going to a birthday party for a friend's daughter - it will be nice to see the friends in attendance and catch up - which isn't that what you usually do at a party for a one year old? Not sure what Sunday holds beyond church...

Three. Word of the Year - Do you all choose a word of the year? I heard of doing this years ago and from time to time I've chosen something but it's never really been a do or die sort of situation for me. I was reading Carolina Charm's blog and she mentioned a seven question quiz over at Dayspring that would give you your word of the year...

I popped right over and took the quiz and the word I was given was "Stand" and to be honest - I'm not quite sure what to do with that word yet. However, if you'd like to take the quiz, you can do so here.

Four. Royal Mess - I think I've made it known that I love all things related to the royal family and this week Harry and Meghan dropped a big ol' bombshell - they don't want to be senior members of the Royal family anymore. Well. My younger sister says she isn't surprised but I have to say - I was!

Image may contain Prince Harry Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Clothing Apparel and Joe Mimran

And it certainly seems like based on the multitude of news reports that have come out - the Royal family itself was pretty stunned too. I suspect we will never fully know the ins and outs of the decision but I have to say that in my opinion (which matters not a wit) it was all so poorly done. It seems like they've done nothing but create a royal mess of things.

Five. Love It - I normally really enjoy watching awards shows but I confess that I had no interest in watching the Golden Globes last weekend. I will also confess that I love this picture of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie on the Red Carpet - they are just my favorite! He would look good in a trash bag and she looks fabulous in that green dress... they're one of my favorite things to come from Game of Thrones.

Image result for kit harington rose leslie golden globes"

Jon Snow and Ygritte may not have gotten a happily ever after (honestly - did anyone?!?) but hopefully Kit and Rose will continue to be happy! *swoon*


It's the second week of 2020 and this year already seems off to a rather bombastic start - wouldn't you say? Onward we go and hopefully you enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Watson Wednesday

The very first edition of Watson Wednesday for the New Year - what a joy! Okay, maybe I'm the only one that finds it's quite so joyous? Who knows? I do think he's quite cute to look at.

It snowed yesterday - heavy, wet snow that dumped from about 10:30 to 5:00 in buckets and when all was said and done, left the area with around 4-5 inches of snow. Watson loves tromping around in it and of course, I can never resist snapping his picture! 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Looking Back on 2019

It's like a fruit basket turnover with this post today - because honestly, I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend! I discussed this with my sister and we decided that surely since it's the final weekend before the world starts "working" again - that doing next to nothing is perfectly acceptable?

What I did do was that I finished the fourth and final season of Mr. Robot and then; since literally no one voted for it in an Instagram poll, I started The Witcher (as opposed to The Man in the High Castle S4 or Marvelous Ms. Maisel S3). I continued to par down my wardrobe by getting rid of tons of socks and I installed a small light in my kitchen (I stuck a picture below) - but honestly, the weekend was spent doing so little that it's almost not worth mentioning! 

Having told you that - please enjoy this random bit of posting, a picture of me after walking my dog in chilly temps and at the bottom - a look at my new kitchen light in action! I know - riveting. You're welcome.

Looking Back on 2019
I found these prompts on Erin Moon's newsletter and while I've gone back and forth in the past about doing something like this... I always wanted some sort of guideline. Since I finally found myself with one, I decided that as 2020 begins, I'd share some things from 2019 that I enjoyed.
Non-fiction Book I Keep Coming Back To For Courage: Educated by Tara Westover; if you've never read this - I highly recommend it! It's fabulous.
Book I Stayed Up All Night To Read In One Sitting Because I Was So Entranced: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens; this book was so completely engrossing! 
Most Transforming Read: I suppose I'd say Educated by Tara Westover, although I don't know that anything I read was transforming. *shrugs shoulders* This will likely be my answer to most of the book-related things because I didn't read very much last year and honestly, it it just that good.
Favorite Read (Fiction): Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens... I devoured this book! It was excellent and I absolutely recommend it!
Favorite Read That Gave Me A New Perspective: Educated by Tara Westover.. I know I sound like a broken record and that's fine, because this book was excellent.
Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones (even with the rough final season), Schitt's Creek, Bodyguard, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Mandalorian and Four Weddings & A Funeral!
Favorite Movies: Avengers: Endgame, Little Women, Frozen II and The Rise of Skywalker!
Favorite Skin Care: Perfectly Posh Best Face Forever (BFF)
Skin Care I Tried, But Didn’t Love: I didn't really try any new/different skincare products in 2019.
Best Newsletters I Subscribe To (Free): Sectional Healing by Knox McCoy and The Swipe Up by Erin Moon
Best Newsletters I Subscribe To (Paid): I don't subscribe to any paid newsletters! 
Fave Instagram Follows: Strange Planet, Erin Moon, the National Park Service
Strangers I Irrationally Love: Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Brienne & Jaime y'all)
Favorite New Podcast: Catlick by BT Harman
Favorite Old Standby Podcast: The Popcast with Knox & Jamie
Favorite Twitter Follows: the Washington Nationals
Thing/Person I Was Wrong About: I have no idea. I'm sure I was wrong about plenty of things but I can't remember something that just stands out starkly in my mind.
Biggest Waste of My Time: Social Media... but I can't stop using it! 
Most Productive Use of My Time: Any time spent exercising because even though I sometimes hated it, it made me feel better about myself and I just felt better in general.
Thing I Was Supposed To Do, But Didn’t: Commit to exercising for 12 months straight (December got me y'all).
Thing I Wasn’t Supposed to Do, But Did: Spend money frivolously. 
Something I Would Like for Us, Collectively, As A People, To Leave in 2019: The constant judgement of everyone and everything... maybe; just maybe, worry about yourself and stop offering people opinions unsolicited. Let everyone just live.
Existential Crisis I Keep Having: Always with the being single...
Thing I Learned: Contentment
Thing I Still Have Not Learned: How to be both joyous and content... as one does not always bring about the other.

Perhaps that wasn't too all over the place? I certainly don't think it was very deep, ha-ha! As promised, a look at the very fancy (I jest) light fixture that I installed under my kitchen cabinets this weekend.

So I suppose that between sorting socks and installing a light fixture, perhaps I wasn't a complete blob this weekend? Then again - perhaps if I was, I suppose that's just fine too.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Five on Friday

It's the first Friday of 2020! Which reminds me that when I was in grade school my Friday nights usually consisted of watching TGIF on ABC, followed by 20/20! I know you've seen all the memes of Barbara Walters saying "This is 2020" and if you haven't, you've obviously been under a rock since Wednesday around 12:01 AM! 

One. Last Sunset of 2019 - Nothing too long or poetic about my first point on the list, just a couple really lovely pictures that my younger sister snapped from the front porch of the B&B where we celebrated ringing in the New Year.



It was only after she'd shared them with me that I got all "feely" about the pictures and realized that they aren't just the final sunset of 2019, but the final sunset of a decade! It's a lot to wrap your mind around if you think on it too much - so instead, just take in the beautiful sunset snaps! 

Two. New Year's Eve Celebrations - My younger sister and I spent New Year's Eve at L'Auberge Provencale, a local (it's less than five miles from my house) B&B with a Four Diamond Restaurant. It's the same place my boss treated the office to dinner for our Christmas party and after one meal, I knew my sister would love it and posed the idea that we have dinner there on New Year's Eve!

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1ZycOPXlTJlMtwefvgB1Y1hnC3YXx48hR https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1IBtUX7HYsO4jRz-u0ztgWnAyhJHCLKoJ

Lindsey took my idea a step farther and booked us a room at the B&B for the night to really make things fun! So around 5:00 on Tuesday evening, we drove the whole five minutes down the road and checked in to enjoy the final evening of 2019!


We did the four course meal prepared especially for New Year's Eve - I chose to start with the Burrata, which is an insanely delicious and rich Mozzarella cheese! It was absolutely divine! *mouth waters* My second course was Celery Bisque and when I initially ordered it, I figured it was the option (out of three choices) that I'd be most likely to eat - y'all - it was HEAVENLY! My favorite thing I ate all night... maybe!

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1HP9Ckt-jrXkQxurRMEFG7_7ZHFGwmbml https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1Jqa2E4PyUjkeWFtzjuJygtmA0-C4fF6D
https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1q3c915F75XARGlHnRfTfVYGcb7grY3uX https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1jq602X4WUUMW0kxRITWrNS-hhgUx2QO-

My third course was the Ayrshire Farm Chicken with Risotto and it was just as tasty as the first time I had it... I'd planned to try the Short Ribs but they were no longer an option! My dessert course was something in French that I could not pronounce, but it translated to Eggs in the Snow and was it was so divinely unique and yummy! It was vanilla custard and lemon and I do believe the "eggs" were made from some sort of fabulous meringue - it was just so very yummy and I'm glad I chose it for my dessert.

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1TfnUOMK8uWsPZ6F3Szj8Qi1Rv_G-chTz https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1xvN7GfUd_ajdnRz4C-aReTH62dmCRkkn

I had a cocktail with my dinner called French Lullaby and it's almost the best cocktail I've ever had... almost. The best cocktail was a Sloe Gin Fizz that I had at a Gin Pub on Fleet Street in London! But this one was a close second - it was just... so very tasty! After our meal was finished, we popped over to the bar and grabbed one more cocktail: Sex on the Beach - and then we headed back to our room to pass the couple hours until the New Year!


Three. Watson - I figured that everyone needed to see a really cute picture of Watson since I didn't get one posted on the first day of the New Year, which would have also been Watson Wednesday!

He got his snuggly new bed for Christmas from my parents and I think it's safe to say that he's 100% in love with the thing! He has curled up in it almost constantly since it was placed on the floor in front of him! 

Four. A Few Laughs - Of course I have to share some funny memes... mostly because I like sharing things that make me laugh but also because I don't actually have that much to share on this first Friday of the year! 

Doesn't everyone feel like that the week between Christmas and New Years? It's like - I don't even know what day it is, half the time I'm clueless to where the clock is or what I should be doing... I am just all over the place as a person during that week!

The Baby Yoda meme made me smile! I wish I'd been that way on New Year's Eve - but once I got in the bed, I just flipped and flopped all over the place! I was in desperate need of a nap on the first day of January!

My sister turned me on to the Strange Planet comics and I have become a huge fan! This one hits the nail on the head because I'm pretty sure that my dog would pick food over me any day of the week! 

Five. Weekend Things - It's the first weekend of 2020 and I have absolutely zero plans! I mean; I suppose there are things I plan to do, but nothing that involves actually being anywhere or doing anything at a set time! I'd like to purge my closet of a few things, clean out a couple of my dresser drawers and such... And at some point I need to finish the final two episodes of Mr. Robot. I know - it all sounds terribly thrilling! 


That's all she wrote for now! I'll be back sooner or later, ha-ha!