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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fitness Friday

This is so true it's scary...

I don't really have a lot to report this week - I feel like I've been slacking but I guess life has been happening and perhaps that's no excuse (I hear you...person that says I should have gotten up at 5 AM & done it...) but it is what it is. 

And - not to throw it in your face or anything...but I still lost 2.5 pounds this week, so I'm obviously still doing just fine. Thank you very much!

So today is mostly rambling on my part and a couple pictures to distract you from my rambling...you're welcome.

Oh look...I'm about to wear a hole right through the top of my shoes...
It's hard to tell but I'm also wearing the soles down...
Apparently if you actually work out (which I haven't done consistently...probably ever) on a continuous basis, you are supposed to replace your shoes every 2-3 months. I completely get that now and I guess I'm going to have to start searching for replacement sneakers soon. I have worn holes in the toe of both sneakers...it's only a matter of time before the hole wears right on through the mesh top and then what?

I've also noticed a pretty distinct wear pattern on the soles of my shoes. It's hard to see in the picture I took but I can definitely tell that I favor my right foot to my left and I also favor the outside edge of my foot. It's pretty crazy what you notice just by really looking at your sneakers.

Also...confession: I went to a baseball game last night and I ate ball park food. *GASP* I did; I had cheese fries and boy they were delicious! They were so delicious I couldn't even finish them but I can't really feel bad about eating them because my Mom and I probably lapped Nationals Park at least twice in full and then some more...so I easily walked at least a mile in the course of the evening, so it all evens out - right?

All new clothes - and yes, all in black. So what?!?
I don't have a "picture" this week so to speak, so I'll leave you with the one above from last week in Mississippi. I'm wearing my new (size smaller) jeans and a new shirt and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I'll be back next week to share another progress picture...until then...sorry I rambled, ha-ha!

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