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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Watson Wednesday

I know everyone thinks their dog is smart...it's a thing. Like all people think their own kids are cute; it's the way the world works and all that. Let me assure you though; I don't just think Watson is smart, I KNOW he is smart.

He's master class at pouting.
Tuesday (I was at home till almost noon courtesy of the icy roads) my Dad was having some lunch and Watson was doing like he always does and begging like a champ. Now - my Dad is the least likely person to share with him...even though there are times that he will give him a nibble of something. 

On this particular day though...he wasn't feeling the love I suppose. My Dad looked at Watson and said "you can just go back over there - you're not getting a bite of my sandwich." Watson contemplated what had been said for a minute, wandered back into the living room and crawled onto his bed with a sigh... And then proceeded to pout. 

So you see - I don't just think he's smart. I know he's smart. 

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