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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Books are the Best

Oh books - I do love a good read! I know I'm not alone in feeling this way and I think the picture below pretty accurately describes how I feel about books in general.

Although, in all fairness...I wanted the handsome prince too (still do)! The library was just a really large plus. If I'm being honest, at the rate I read I'd probably be able to make a pretty good dent in that library's storage space, ha-ha! 

I stumbled upon these questions related to books a while back and have just kind of been sitting on them for a while....as in, I realized I started this post back in September of 2015...I figured now was as good a time as any to write up a little post all about books!

1. What book changed your life?
- Books in general; there is no one book, just having access to a million different places...times...people, all without having to leave the comfort of my home. Books are easily one of my favorite things and the world they open is in itself life-changing. 
2. What book have you read more than once?
- Oh man! The better answer would be what book haven't I read more than once? I buy tons of books and once I own a book, I usually read it way more than once. If a book is well written, I feel like it will offer more with each re-reading. I've definitely read the entirety of the Harry Potter series more than once...more than twice even...and after going to London for Christmas, I'd re-read them again. I can't though, they're still in boxes. :)
3. What book would you want on a desert island?
- This is really a lose/lose question because if you're on a desert island, anything is going to get old after a while...right? I think the "expected" answer would be the Bible but I don't think that's my answer. I think I'd lean more towards something big, thick, filled with adventure...but I'm not sure exactly what that would be. So..this is really a non-answer. Whoops.
4. What book has made you laugh?
- Oh my gosh, anything by Karl Pilkington! My Dad stumbled onto the TV show An Idiot Abroad a few years ago and from there I discovered Karl had also written books about his travel adventures and immediately had Amazon sending those my way. Some of those books would be: An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries, Happyslapped by a Jellyfish, The Words of Karl Pilkington and The Moanings of Life...all of which crack me up!

5. What book has made you cry?
- Predictable answer here...almost everything Nicholas Sparks has written! So, not necessarily always in a negative way but the man does know how to write a book that will tug at the heart strings; be that in a bad way or good. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix also caused me to shed a tear.
6. What book do you wish had been written?
- I have no answer here. I'm not sure what book I wish had been written...although if someone ever figures out "adulting" and can write a manual, that would be helpful. Which means that - yea - I have no answer, because the manual on how to be an adult will never exist. 
7. What book do you wish had never been written?
- Mein Kampf seems like a pretty good answer here. Not because I've read it and have insight into it...but Hitler wrote it and I can't imagine anything he'd produce could be too fantastic and enlightening. Did you know they just re-released this book recently? No word on if its flying off the shelves or not...
8. What book are you currently reading? 
- I'm currently reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I have to confess that when I initially saw the cover of Moyes books, they put me off because the cover consists of a brightly colored, large lettered title. However, this book has been made into a movie (of course it has...) and once I saw the trailer, I knew I wanted to read this book. So far, I'm absolutely loving it!

9. What books have you been meaning to read?
- Oh...just all of the books. This list could go on for days, ha-ha! I have been meaning to finish The Cousins War series by Phillipa Gregory; I started that back before Christmas and got through the first two books (The White Queen & The Red Queen) before being thrown off track by Me Before You. I was gifted the book Grace for the Good Girl years ago and I've still never finished that one (sorry Nickolee)... Honestly, this list could go on and on...there is always something I'm meaning to read. I could get through the list if there were such a thing as professional reader...

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