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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Desk Job

I spend a huge chunk of my life...something like 42.5 hours a week sitting at a desk. I love my job and I love that my boss has pretty much given me (and everyone else...lest you think I'm a special flower or something...ha) free reign to do whatever I want to my "space" in the office.

It's especially nice - since I'm the person who gets to greet everyone with my (mostly) smiling face when they come in. That's me - Miss Social Butterfly, ha! I realized the other day that I'd never really posted any pictures of my office...the little space that I've made my own and spend so many of my days at.

This is essentially just a bunch of pictures - I know, nothing riveting or anything - but I loved looking at the pictures I took...probably because I love the things I've surrounded myself with at work. So, here's just a little look at this little corner of the office that I call "mine".

You had to know that this would be a part of it - right?
Seriously - I love all my little pictures!
I think one of the biggest "finds" in recent weeks have been the cork board shapes - they came in a four pack from Target (one day I'll do a post related to my love/hate relationship with Target: I love it, my wallet hates it) and just provided me with SO many places to put things! I feel pretty certain that while my boss doesn't mind us making our space our own...he also probably doesn't want tons of holes poked in the walls.

The cork boards went up with some sticky pads that came along with them - no muss, no fuss - and supposedly they are also easy to remove. I don't plan to test that any time soon...hopefully they'll stay hanging up and I'll continue to hang out.

The windowsill - I have to utilize my space, ha-ha! 

Just a little closer look at the things sitting on my windowsill.
The decor in my office has some pretty defined "themes" and those would be: London and the Washington Nationals! Long before we traveled to London for Christmas, I have loved it and looked forward to going to London for several years - to say it was a dream come true - understatement. A few months before our trip, Lindsey gave me a goofy little set of erasers that are London landmarks and they've been resting on my desk ever since... 

I also have an absolutely wonderful candle from Bath and Body Works; the smell is called London Calling, it has a tea and lemon smell and I love it. It's probably hands down one of my favorite candles and I have about three as back-up at home! Of course, I returned from London with a wee little phone booth that now sits on my desk and reminds me of our wonderful trip of a lifetime!

"Big Ben" or Elizabeth Tower, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Battersea Power Station & the London Eye

The best smelling candle ever...plus - just a small picture of the Palace of Westminster as a backdrop for my phone booth.

Of course - one of the other loves of my "life" - the Washington Nationals, which takes up a huge part of my desk space. Obviously, I  don't have to exaggerate that I love the Washington Nationals...I think my desk does that for me, ha! I have a gigantic desk calendar that my little sister gave me that is all about the Washington Nationals...and I may or may not have spent the time writing in all the games for the 2016 season, color coded to Home or Away games. 

Some of the other Nationals related things I have on my desk include a Washington Nationals clubhouse sign that my friend Danielle gave me for Christmas; apparently she was worried I wouldn't like it, which cracks me up. It's Nationals themed - hello - obvious win! I also have a wood print of Nationals Park that I picked up at the DC Holiday Market this past Christmas season and a coaster that looks like home plate, which I am fairly certain was something my Dad picked up at a game in the 2015 season. Combine all of that with one my game tickets from last year and a couple photos and I'm all set in the Nationals category....until they release the printable 2016 schedule! 

What you can't see because we are only in February? All the games, written out April - October. Ha!
I don't think anyone would ever question my loyalty....
I mentioned above - I found a four pack of awesome little cork boards - I love them and they've allowed me to put up some other things in my office in a way that looks cute and organized. Just a week after we returned from London, I took a quick trip into Ross to get a dog bed and was completely distracted by a tall skinny canvas with Big Ben on it (really it's Elizabeth Tower, but you know...) and I absolutely had to have it. 

I covered my cork board with a few little photos and mementos from the past few months: my ticket stub from the 2015 Egg Bowl, not a win for MSU but still a great time spent with my sister, a snapshot of London and a little "sign" that reminds me to Think Positive! I also stuck up two card stock pictures, one about traveling the world and the other saying Let's Quest! And of course, my office wouldn't be complete without some awesome sister pictures: I covered one board with three of my favorite pictures; Lindsey and I in Colorado the week of her graduation from USAFA, Lindsey standing proudly in front of an airplane and an oldie...but most certainly a goodie...little Lindsey and little me having "tea".
I love my pictures.

Another desk calendar from Lindsey - sitting on the ledge of my desk.
So - a quick glimpse into a place where I spend so much of my time. I love my little section of the office and so many of the things at my desk make me smile!

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