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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Watson Wednesday

Another Wednesday - another post about Watson. He's such a little silly...he usually only seems concerned about himself and his comfort, although from time to time he can be awfully sweet....my Mom shared a little story yesterday about his sweetness.

Enjoying a ride in the car. So silly. It also has nothing to do with this story - but he looks cute.
In case you haven't heard - my Mom has a broken foot. She's been working from home and trying to stay off her foot these past couple weeks (Mom - if you are reading this, you better be using your crutches!!!) and for the most part, Watson is just troubled by the fact that she is with him all day but won't (can't) take him outside to play.

Yesterday Watson was relaxing on my bed and my Mom had come upstairs to change into more comfortable clothes. Watson hopped off the bed and followed her into her room, where he proceeded to sit while she changed... He then trailed along behind her into the bathroom and proceeded to sit while she fixed her hair and what not.... It was finally time to head back down the stairs and he followed her to the stairs and the both stopped at the top.

She told him that they couldn't both go down the stairs at the same time - taking the stairs in a cast is no joke! She told Watson he'd either have to go in front of her or wait and come down behind her. Apparently (so she told me) he thought a moment, went down three steps and waited on her. Once she'd cleared those three steps, he hopped down three more...and waited again. He repeated this pattern until she reached the bottom and he'd made sure she was seated safely on the couch...and then he went back upstairs to nap again!

My name is Watson - and I'm smarter than you give me credit for!

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