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Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday

Friday has arrived once more - hallelujah and let the Lord be praised! Seriously though; is it just me or did this week seem longer than usual? Just me? Oh well...on to the Five on Friday.


One. Three Day Weekend - Hallelujah! These three day weekends always seem to arrive just in the nick of time. This past week has by no means been hard...far from it actually...but it's just seemed long! I don't even know what kind of plans I have (or more likely don't have...) but I know I'm just looking forward to getting to sleep past 6:45 on Monday morning and maybe going shopping a wee bit on Monday afternoon. Maybe.

Two. Lessons from Steel Magnolias - listen, I feel like pretty much everyone and their Momma has seen this movie by now. If you haven't, shame on you! I was in my habit of looking at blogs I love in an effort to find another blog to love and found Darby Hawley's blog just a few days ago...courtesy of The Sowell Life. I especially love Darby's post about Lessons from Steel Magnolias...which you can find here. All so true. Also, the rest of her blog is wonderful - I guarantee you'll love it!

Three. Scandal is back - and I'm thrilled about it and I haven't even watched it yet! I know; I'm a mess. I spent the past few months getting caught up in and caught up on Scandal and Lord knows I have plenty of opinions about all of it. The back half of Season Five premiered last night and you can bet I had the DVR going. I've also managed to lure my Mom to the dark side and she doesn't have too much more to watch and she'll be caught up too! Love it! Can't wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.

Four. Singles Awareness Day - you know...that little holiday that is coming up on Sunday? I'm sure Sunday will be a delightful day for those of you that are deeply in love...and I'm sure Sunday will be a delightful day for me too...just a different kind of delightful. Perhaps I'll go to a movie alone and eat chocolate? I'm thinking Deadpool would be appropriately "romantic" for this very special day of the year. I sent my sister (what I think) the most amazing S.A.D. gift and I can't wait to hear her thoughts on it when she opens it...but not until Sunday!


Five. Fitness Friday Update - This week, well...Lord knows I tried but I did stumble here and there. I was so pleased with myself at the start of the week (Sunday)...especially when I received my weekly report from Fit Bit and saw I'd walked a little over thirty miles. I'd only gone "over" one day when it came to calories taken in and that was only by about 100 calories and I'd also walked/jogged/used the elliptical 6 out of the 7 days of the week. Well...then I hopped on the scale on Monday and it showed that I'd GAINED a pound! I got off, waited and hopped back on...still showed that I'd gained that pound. And shocker (I know) but taking off my socks didn't change that number any.

Between that and the bitter cold (with wind chills it's been closing in on the single digits by 5 PM) I have really had a "down" week. It feels extremely frustrating to know that I am pushing myself to get outside in the freezing cold and walk...even though I sometimes can't feel my fingers, my nose is running like a faucet and my head was pounding one day after a frigid hike in the cold... So I can't say this week was a total win. I know every week won't be perfect but this week was definitely disappointing and left me feeling disappointed with myself. *sigh*

This is actually from week one - I'm smiling because I think all this walking is paying off. Scale says: NOPE.
Well - that's all I've got for this edition of Five on Friday. I hope you have a lovely weekend and don't eat too much of that half-price chocolate on Monday! Oh..I just thought of something; perhaps the chocolate will be even more on sale because it will be both the day after S.A.D and also President's Day? 

Hmmm...a thought to ponder this weekend. 

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