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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Flashback - February

I find myself starting this post by thinking that surely 2015 can't be in the past...didn't it just begin? I'm then reminded that February of 2015 did; in fact, happen twelve months ago and I need to get it together, get with the picture and move into the present.

I remember as a child thinking that each year took ages to pass. Days were long, months were longer...and let's not even get started on how impossibly long it took for time to pass in the month of December! It seemed like Christmas would never arrive! I have to wonder - what makes time "seem" to pass differently from childhood to adulthood? Perhaps as a child, life is filled with wonder and the only "job" is to play...to learn and grow...but as an adult there are so many jobs, so many responsibilities, so many things that need to be done/want to be done and the hours in the day are so finite. 

I'm not sure what causes time to pass so much more quickly at thirty-one than it did at thirteen, but it certainly does. It's already 2016...February is already almost gone...time is passing, quicker than ever it seems...

Snow Watson - The Sequel
And after the snow...comes ice...
The Shenandoah River in the snow...

Snow Watson is "born" - and loves every minute of exploring piles of frozen fluff.
Amelia is NEVER amused by my faces...
The temperatures took a crazy dip & dog walking required serious outdoor wear.

Feeling dark in 2014... I still love it.
Work day snowfall fun with Melissa!
Loving on a precious sweetheart in the nursery.

Practicing my ski jump pose (duck face and all) in Colorado Springs.
Striking a pose with Lindsey in front of the AOG at USAFA.
Three generations.

Celebrating "good friend" with some of my good friends at Cater's Market.
Weekends spent with friends = the best.
I'm such a shorty - I'm the "leader" and the shortest in the bunch, ha!

Cuddling the sweetest little bit of love - Ryleigh.
Some ice in Mississippi...
Saturday morning cartoons with two of my favorites.

Saints 2010 + Super Bowl = WIN.
DiscipleNow - Working on my leadership skills.
Watson in costume for the girl's video.

My first year as a DNow Leader
My four girls - such an easy group!
Loving on Lindsey during DNow Weekend.

Cheering on the Golden Eagles with Kristen & Lisa - whoa flash! 
I promise more people came to our basketball games...ha-ha!
Enjoying some time between classes outside the Powerhouse.

Lunch with friends in Meridian.
A Winter sunset...the sky on fire.
The littlest "soldier"...on her way to do something with CAP.

Cuddling another wee Riley - my cousin's sweet daughter. Can't believe she's TEN!
Meridian Community College Choral Competition - tra la la!
Road tripping to the MS Gulf Coast...

DiscipleNow - helping with the afternoon activities.

And...that's all I've got! I managed to make it "back in time" eleven years and I think I'm pretty pleased with myself for that one... 

So - until March, that's all the flashing I've got for today. Ha! 

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