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Thursday, November 12, 2015

31 Favorites

Well...I've been thirty-one for a little over a month. So far, it's been pretty good. Only time will tell if thirty-one will be one of my favorite years, but until then....


Song: Any and all Christmas music. I know; it's November 12th. I love Christmas though, LOVE. IT. Once I discovered (courtesy of  my friend Danielle) that the all Christmas, all the time radio station is back on...well, that's all she wrote! My favorite Christmas song though? O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

Dessert:  Chocolate anything.

Drink:  Coffee! Ha-ha, no but seriously...I love the stuff. 

Breakfast: Waffles! I love waffles! Haven't had any in a good while though...

Lunch: I am a sucker for some kind of delicious soup - and luckily there is a Chick Fil A (hello tortilla soup) and a Panera Bread about 5 minutes from my office. Granted...those are favorites, not what I actually eat on a daily basis...

Dinner: My Momma's red beans & rice (which I got to eat last night, yay!) is definitely one of my favorite things to eat for dinner. So yummy. Also delicious? Hamburger steak & baked potato - also cooked by my Momma!

Time of Day: Twilight...dusk...sunset. Especially when it's dramatic & colorful.

TV Show: Too many to pick but a current favorite is Scandal

Day of the Week: Saturday, of course! Saturdays always tend to offer such possibility - including the possibility of sleeping late!

Piece of Jewelry: My Fossil watch! I've had it for approximately forever but the battery has been dead for a while now & no one would touch it because it was a Fossil watch!! Eek! Thankfully my incredibly handy Dad worked his magic & got it fixed right up again last Friday & I've been wearing it ever since!

Guilty Pleasure: Purses? Does that count? I love purses & I probably buy them too often and probably (hehehe) spend too much. I feel slightly guilty when I buy the purse, but ooohh it definitely gives me pleasure to carry it around & have it be mine. Ha!

Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; but especially Reese's trees, pumpkins, eggs...they always taste just a teeny bit better than the genuine article.

Blog: Carolina Charm - I can't even remember how I found her blog but I absolutely love her blog; she is so open, honest and refreshing. Plus, she has two of the cutest little kiddos I think I've ever seen! 

Sound: Music of all kinds; I just love listening to music.

Thing to Wear: Fleece lined leggings; y'all, they are glorious. I got a pair last year just because I figured in this whole mountain climate they might be useful & now I own four pair & love them all. They are so cozy & delightful. 

Restaurant: If we're talking chain restaurants then I'd probably say Chili's; I'm a sucker for their soups. If we're talking just a local to my area place, I'd offer two options: Hunter's Head Tavern in Middleburg, VA (an English style pub) or Due South in DC (Southern style food). Both delicious. Seriously.

Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry White Chocolate from Ice Cream Jubilee; it's the only flavor I've gotten twice and for good reason, seriously delicious strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chunks swirled in. Yum! Honey Lemon Lavender is a close second...

Store: Target. Oh Lordy - Target. I'm pretty sure I go into Target at least once a week. No lie.

Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Way to Exercise: Walking with some jogging tossed in for good measure. Although due to the time change, I'm having to embrace the elliptical. The elliptical is definitely NOT my favorite. I miss walking/jogging outdoors.

TV Channel: The Food Network; I watch cooking shows while I'm on the elliptical. Because that seems like a good idea, right?

Way to Relax: Reading a good book all snuggled up in my bed. I do this almost every night & it relaxes me completely...to the point that within about thirty minutes, I'm falling asleep!

Sport: Baseball! Only 145 days until Opening Day 2016!

Vacation Spot: I couldn't possibly pick; there are still way too many places that I haven't seen & I certainly can't pick a favorite spot because my favorite spot might be somewhere I haven't been yet...

Fruit: Pineapple, although I rarely eat it. Once you've had the real deal the canned stuff just doesn't cut it & the real deal can be pretty pricey.

Vegetable: Carrot!

Household Chore: I don't have a favorite household chore. I have plenty of not favorites...

Flower: Lilies

Color: Royal Blue

Smell: Coffee, Peppermint, Woodsy smells in general.

Bible Verse: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

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