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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Watson Wednesday

Eight years - that's how old my sweet pup was yesterday! At least...I think that's about how old her is. You see, I came home from a weekend in Chattanooga seven years ago to find a little pup sitting alongside my car in the sunshine...

The little fellow had been wearing a harness for so long that he'd developed sores under his arms and his ribs were showing. A pitiful sight to be sure. Yet - in spite of all this, he was happy as a lark...and what's more, he was thrilled to see us. People he'd never met before in his life! I immediately went to work fattening him up and putting some medicine on his sores...all while begging to keep him; he was obviously meant to be mine since he just showed up that way - right?

I posted signs around town and after six weeks - in which I'd become crazy attached to the sweet little stinker I was calling Watson - no one had claimed him. I went around from store to store snatching down the signs and happily claimed him as mine! 

Watson - Day 1
He's been the best dog ever - there's no denying that. He's a little possessive and he sometimes nibbles on furniture when he's anxious (sorry parents...) but in all honesty, I don't think you could find a better pup if you tried. 

He came into my life seven years ago and at his first vet visit, I was told he was about a year old. Since I have no clue where he came from (oh wait - he came from Heaven - duh) or when he was born, his birthday is really more of a celebration of when he came into my life. So, March 15th it is. Happy "Eighth" Birthday to my favorite furball!

Watson - Day 2,920

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