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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mission Cute: February

I am way behind on this post - it's already almost mid-March (what in the world - time?!?) and I'm just now getting to this post! I'm fairly certain my March Mission Cute box might be arriving today....ha-ha!

The February Mission Cute box seemed to arrive a bit later than the boxes normally arrive...which perhaps serves as a little bit of an excuse as to why I'm only just now getting around to writing up my post on it?

This month's box supported the Naked Heart Foundation - a foundation that has the welfare and happiness of children at it's heart - which is something I absolutely love! Naked Heart Foundation is based in Russia, where child abandonment and the stigma against children born with disabilities is high. The foundation works to insure that all children are loved and well cared for by helping support funds for vulnerable families, creating networks that provide support for families with disabled children and working to change the view of all people with disabilities. It sounds like the Naked Heart Foundation is working toward some really amazing things in Russia - and 50% of all proceeds from this box go to help them with those amazing things!

The nonprofit for the month of February.
Of course - since this box was for the month of February, some of the items had a decidedly "lovey" flair to them. It's to be expected, right?

An amazing gold cuff - can't wait to wear this! 
Gold Lace Cuff - I think this will end up being my favorite thing from the February box! I used to hate gold jewelry but in the past few months, I've really gotten on a kick where I absolutely love the stuff! This cuff is so cute and would look great dressed up or down. I can't wait to throw it on with something as an accessory!

Heart shaped muffin "tins"
Heart Muffin Cups - Here is one of the "love" themed items, but it couldn't be a more fun love themed item, if you ask me! Six silicone muffin cups that would be perfect for baking some delicious Valentine's muffins...or maybe just making yourself some heart-shaped cupcakes to eat in celebration of Single's Awareness Day. If you're like me that is. I haven't tried them out yet...hopefully they'll hold up well over time!

The Dive in Deck - Cards for Conversation
Dive In Deck - Can I just tell you...I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this one. I see the merits of this deck of cards; 33 to be exact, that each offer conversation prompts or "deep" thoughts in an effort to facilitate meaningful conversation and connection. At first I thought that the premise seemed intriguing...but then I started shuffling through the cards and well...maybe I'm not "crunchy" enough for these cards, ha-ha! An example: How do you achieve a deeper understanding of your true self?


Recipe Cards!
Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Cards - I have a recipe card box (packed deep in the boxes that hold my life) but I'm fresh out of recipe cards and I'm always on the look out for some that look similar enough to "match" my recipe card box. These are such adorable cards and with the cream color and the pastel accents, they will match my box perfectly! I can think of plenty of recipes that I need to get written down...not sure when I'll actually get around to it though, ha-ha!

The Print for February - You're A Gem
You're A Gem Print - Every month's box includes a 5x7 print and so far, I've loved them all. This month's print was a miss for me though. I'm not a huge fan of pink and I don't see myself ever wanting to put this one in a frame and display it anywhere. The sentiment is nice enough but I just don't care for it as a whole. Oh well - you can't win them all.

Sweethearts - Yum!
Sweethearts - Because it was the month of February...obviously! 

So - that was the Mission Cute box for the month of February and while it had some nice things (I really do love that gold cuff), all in all I'd say this box was probably the least impressive to me. 

I love the mission of Mission Cute and I love getting a surprise in the mail but I decided with my March box that I'd change my subscription up and instead of getting a Deluxe Box, I'd get the Mini Box. Instead of receiving 4-5 things in each box, I'll now only receive 2-3 and of course, the cost will be less. I found that after only four months of receiving the boxes, the things I don't really have much of a use for just tend to take up space... and for now...at least until September, space is something I don't have a lot of.

If you'd like to sign up for Mission Cute - follow this link and see what it's all about. I can't wait to see how the Mini Box compares when my March box arrives soon! 

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