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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Style - Oscars 2016

First and Foremost - I confess - I *usually* love watching the Oscars. As much as the ceremony really is ridiculously overpaid people congratulating one another...well, it's also about movies and I LOVE movies.

Another thing I love about the Oscars are the absolutely gorgeous (and sometimes hideous) dresses that are worn on the red carpet. You know - the kind of dresses that probably cost more than I make in month(s) paycheck and will likely never get my hands on.

It is still fun to pick and choose which dresses I'd love to see in my closet (or not)...just in case I ever marry a billionaire or something...you know? Ha!

Dresses I Loved
In Armani Privé and Bulgari necklace
Naomi Watts - I'm a sucker for almost anything blue/purple & sequins are my jam. This dress is stunning! 

In custom Louis Vuitton
Alicia Vikander - I'm pretty sure she's channeling Belle in this dress...and therefore, I love it.

In Gucci
Brie Larson - I love blue. Love it. This dress is gorgeous; fitting for the winner of Best Actress! 

In custom Ralph Lauren Collection
Kate Winslet - I'm also a huge fan of black...and Kate. Really, Kate can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus. this dress is meant to look like liquid chocolate. That alone earns it all the points.

In Stella McCartney
Olivia Munn - Funnily enough, I wore a dress similar to this to an "ugly bridesmaids" showing of Bridesmaids last year. It wasn't orange & I didn't pull it off quite so well. Shocker...I know.

Dresses I....Didn't Love....
In Armani Privé
Cate Blanchett - Usually blue is my thing...but this looks like it got attacked by puffballs. Not cool.

In Christian Dior
Jennifer Lawrence - Who can usually do no wrong in my eyes where fashion is concerned...but I don't like the lace look. It's just not my thing. At all.

In Valentino Haute Couture
Olivia Wilde - You can have cleavage...you can have side boob...but both? It's too much. No thank you.

Whoopi Goldberg - It's not so much the dress (which is meh) but the horrible jewelry & that awful tattoo...it just takes the classiness she's aspiring to down...like...so many notches.

Do you enjoy watching the Oscars - or do you think they're just a colossal waste of time? Is there a dress that you absolutely loved this year?

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