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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Watson Wednesday

This is the snow picture(s) edition - because I've honestly taken about forty pictures of him (so far) frolicking in the snow and he cracks me up. I don't know if before he was mine he lived in a place where snow was common....but I know that he loves to explore the snow. Granted, we had more than a little snow and most of the drifts were feet higher than him - but once it started to compact a bit - he was scaling the tallest piles he could find!

Where is the ground? I know it's under here somewhere...

Maybe if I army crawl under this car, I'll find a way to escape this "snowed in" business....

Exploring a ravine in the snow.
When the snow plow finally arrived, all the snow from our parking lot was piled up at the end of the parking lot...in what amounted to (in view of a small dog) quite a mountain of snow. Once Watson realized we could finally go past the end of my car, he was all about scaling the mountain to see what kind of views he could get from the top.

Should I climb this?

The journey begins...carefully now on this ledge...

Don't look down - eek!

I have achieved the summit...and the end of my rope....
Watson is also thoroughly convinced that if he digs hard enough, for long enough...he will reach the grass again. So far, he hasn't had much luck - but it hasn't stopped him from trying every time we go outside.

Just a little more...dig...dig...dig....

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