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Monday, August 29, 2016

Short on Words

I'll be honest here - I don't have a lot of words today. At least, it doesn't seem like I do. I feel like as sure as I write that, I'll end up typing up this post and rambling on for days...

I guess we'll see - won't we?

Blue Skies & Moon Rise...
My smallest office mate.
The past few weeks have felt largely unremarkable - I'm not sure why that is - since I've been up to all kind of wonderful things. Perhaps what I'm saying is the weekdays themselves have been largely "calm" and so it seems like August has just flown past so very quickly... The weekends have been wonderful and filled with new experiences, baseball games and wonderful open ended free time...and the weekdays have been filled with work and the routine of day to day life. Remarkably unremarkable!

I'm afraid Watson has poor manners when it comes to cats...
Thus - this precious little creature ended up spending some of Tuesday night in a tree.
Wednesday sunshine.
 A lot of time recently has been spent packing...packing...packing. The move is coming up in just a few weeks and so everything must be sorted through, put in a box or bag or crate or really whatever seems best for the approximately five mile journey to the new house. I think where moving is concerned, that's one of those times in life that I'd love to be able to do some magic - ala Harry Potter - and just wave a wand and have everything moved. Wishful thinking much?

Household Progress - Coming Right Along
The silliest little face(s)...I do love them.
I started my weekend at Nationals Park - I'm fairly convinced there is really no better place to start a weekend than at a baseball game. Granted, I think if you've read this blog more than one time you know that I'd be perfectly pleased to be at Nationals Park any day of the week. My Dad and I ate a bucket of chicken while overlooking the park, watched the Nationals get a win and I tried not to have a panic attack riding in DC traffic with him...ha-ha! I'm kidding Dad...maybe...

Bobbleheads Obtained. Victory! I'm so excited...I closed my eyes...ha!
This is essentially the perfect Friday night view.
The rest of the weekend was sort of a bust for me...I know, how sad...right? I took Watson to the vet on Saturday morning and he had a grand time, even if the picture below makes it seem like he was absolutely miserable. He is always just so happy to see everyone and never minds being at the vet. A headache left me feeling pretty crummy for the rest of Saturday and by the time I got it sidelined, I just did have enough of the afternoon left to run out to Hobby Lobby and Walgreens for some crafting supplies and photos. I closed out my Saturday evening putting together some shadow boxes and watching season two of Outlander.

Next level creeping on me...
When you know you have to get a shot at the vet...
I slept absolutely terribly on Saturday night - I'm not sure what was up with that - but by about 11:00 on Sunday, I was feeling dog tired. I yawned through lunch and tried to take something resembling a nap on Sunday afternoon but couldn't quite get to sleep. No clue what is going on there! Blegh.

I drank some afternoon coffee and went to a friend's house for a little get together before closing out my evening with some rice krispies on the back deck, watching the sunset. Not a bad weekend by any means - just a little bit different that I expected it to be.

My California shadowbox...
My DisneyLand shadow box...
As predicted - this week's Monday post is short on words. I'm not exactly feeling "the flow" today...in so much where words are concerned. Perhaps tomorrow I'll feel more like a wordsmith and less like I'm falling asleep at my desk, ha-ha!

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