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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Remember Happiness

The world seems like such a daunting place these days - it seems there are upsetting, unsettling and just downright horrible things everywhere you look. I will readily admit I'm not a fan of watching the news - ever - it just always (almost) seems to focus on the negative and no one needs that much negative all the time!

All the negativity got me thinking about the positive things in life that outweigh the negative and I think; when things get scary or sad or life just seems a little bit overwhelming, maybe thinking about all the things...or even just some of the things...that make you happy; that's good.

When I feel like the world is a horrible place..I think about these things...they make me happy...

  • When my sweet puppy decides to snuggle with me
  • Getting random text message from my sister that say "yo"...because I'm supposed to respond with "ho" (get your brain out of the gutter) and then we both complete the song...yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
  • The smell of a book
  • Decorating all my calendars (yes, I have more than one...) with colorful pens...just like I did in high school
  • The sight of the sun peeking over the edge of the mountains each morning
  • The feeling of accomplishment that comes with pushing myself to go just a wee bit further on my walk/jog
  • The twinkle of Christmas lights
  • Holding a sleeping baby...especially a little chunky one...
  • Coffee! More than one cup of coffee makes me VERY happy
  • Going to run errands with my Mom and realizing how wonderful it is to be friends with my Momma; how wonderful it is to just enjoy doing "mundane" things with her
  • Knowing I'm kind of the oddball in my family...
  • My job
  • Friends; an area I'm abundantly blessed
  • Discussing the merits of the Dark Side with Jimmy; he's convinced bad guys are more fun...
  • Riding the Metro into DC...which mostly makes me happy just because I can do it whenever I please...
  • Shoes
  • And purses...oh my, purses
  • Waking up before my alarm and just taking "it" all in
  • Unpacking from a trip, savoring the memories made...but also savoring the joy of being home
  • Opening a brand new lip gloss
  • Any & all aspects of Nationals baseball
  • Knowing "useless" nerd information about things like Star Wars, Marvel/DC comics & Harry Potter...
  • Getting my hair done; especially when I step out of my comfort zone...
  • Cooking
  • My Dad and his goofy sense of humor...

Okay...I'll stop at 25. I'm blessed; I could list things that make me happy all day long. I hope you can too.

And perhaps when you're feeling the pressure of this oh so stressful world, you'll make a list of your own and it will make you happy. My list makes me happy. And...I guess that's 26!

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