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Thursday, December 10, 2015

London Bound - Sherlock, Scaffolds & Scones

The countdown gets shorter and shorter...we are down to fourteen days...two weeks. That's all. I honestly don't know if the reality of the trip has truly set in yet. I think I've always dreamed of going to London and it's about to happen - but maybe I can't wrap my mind around it yet? 

I'm certain when we step off the plane at Heathrow, it will become very real - granted, just stepping onto the British Airways plane will make it pretty tangible, ha-ha! We did take some time to watch "Love Actually" on Friday night (my Dad had never seen it - criminal!) and I kept shrieking "we'll see that" or "we'll be there" throughout the film. I'm sure it really added to his enjoyment...

These posts are almost at their completion - so I thought I'd share just a couple more things we were planning to do while we're in London! I can't wait! And there isn't that much longer to wait! 

Visiting 221B Baker Street has always been on my list - and we will certainly at least be paying a stop to the actual address (yes, it exists!) at some point during our visit. There is a Sherlock Holmes Museum as well, devoted to all aspects and incarnations of the UK's greatest sleuth and his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson! 

I investigated the web site, but I have to report that they don't offer a ton of information. Oh well. I can't wait to check out the "home" of the famous Sherlock Holmes...and maybe I can convince my family to find the location that stands in as 221B on "Sherlock"? Because I think we can all guess who my favorite incarnation of Mr. Holmes is....

I see a souvenir shop located below the museum...hehehe...
Is this real? I don't know - if it is, love it.
I plan to take my very own picture of this sign...

The Tower of London has served over the years as many things; a royal residence, an armory, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a prison and of course, the home of the Crown Jewels of England. The Tower of London is laid out with three concentric wards, the helm at the center being the White Tower which dates back to the 11th century and William the Conqueror. The Tower; most specifically the White Tower, served as a royal residence for a large portion of the Tower's history and it was only at the start of the Tudor period (late 1500's) that the Tower became best known for being used as a prison.

Some of the more famous people kept prisoner (and subsequently tortured and executed) at the Tower of London are Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, Guy Fawkes and Lady Jane Grey...although most of the executions were done on Tower Hill and not in the Tower itself. The Tower is today recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site and also houses the Crown Jewels of England...as well as at least six ravens, in accordance with the belief that if ravens are ever absent from the Tower of London...the kingdom will fall. Eek!

The White Tower as well as the Traitor's Gate, located in the bottom left of the picture.
Blood Swept Lands & Seas of Red - an instillation commemorating the outbreak of WWI.

The famous raven(s) of the Tower.

Tea...and not just any tea, but Christmas Day Tea at the Dorchester. I've been to tea many times, but this will be my first time to take part in traditional English tea in London....obviously! Not only will there be tea (duh - right?) but there will be festively themed cakes and cookies, savory and sweet delicacies and a glass of champagne for each of us! Plus - I have a feeling the setting will be absolutely divine! 

Christmas Tea at the Dorchester.
I think this might be some random person's PicStitch...oops! 

So - there you have it. A few more of the things we will be seeing and doing while we are in jolly old London! I can't believe that we have only two weeks to go before we'll be hopping on that big ol plane (oh holy cow...) and hopping across the pond to spend a magical Christmas in London!

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