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Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Fun: Part One

I thought I'd share just a few of the photos from some of the Christmas activities we've been going to throughout the month - I have so many pictures that they really warrant their own post(s)so here is the first.

One of the initial Christmas activities we did was go to Clearbrook Park to see the Christmas lights. This park is around 55 acres, which means there is plenty of space for lights! I haven't actually been to the park any time besides Christmas but I do suppose Watson and I will have to check it out at some point; I'm sure he'd absolutely love it. Who am I kidding - Watson loves outdoor anything!

The lights cover all 55 acres of the park and there is even a section that has lights set to music. My family went last year and enjoyed it; especially the hot chocolate and the toasty fire that you can sit around. This year our friend Jennie and her son Jimmy went with us and Jimmy certainly provided us with plenty of laughter. One of the light set-ups is the Twelve Days of Christmas and the biggest laugh we got all night was Jimmy's rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Enjoy the photos and keep reading for the special edition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Even the water tower is all lit up for the Christmas season.

A little skiing on the lake perhaps?

Jimmy & I ready to look at some lights.

While you're warming your hands by the fire, you'd better keep an eye out for those bears!

Is this hat on right?


All bundled up for a walk in a Winter wonderland!

All smiles with Santa Claus!

Who can resist a photo op as Santa & Mrs. Claus?

Apparently not these two!

Posing with the Air Force flag - and yes, he posed like this all by himself.

My kind of walkway!
Jimmy's Twelve Days of Christmas
One - Bird...um, a bird in a tree?
Two - Ugh...birds. Again.
Three - Three....CHIIIICCCKKKENS! (sang in perfect tune to three French Hens)
Four - More Birds singing?
Five - Golden coins?
Six - Geese! Those are geese. (Apparently telling him they were "laying eggs" was hilarious)
Seven - What are those? Swans? Oh geez....
Eight - Cows! Those are cows! With uh...girls getting milk!
Nine - Nine SCAAARECROOOWS! (sang in perfect tune to Nine Ladies Dancing)
Ten - Ugh....
Eleven - Lepers playing flutes! He later let us know that he meant leprechauns...
Twelve - Drummers playing drums!

The second Christmas outing we went to was Follow the Star, a huge outdoor live Nativity put on by a local church. It is set on the Kernstown Battlefield and that might be just one of the many reasons why my Dad loves it so much. Once you get to the front of the line (and whoa what a line...) then you get on a hay ride and are taken to the start of the experience. You follow your guide through the story of the birth of Jesus and when the journey is done, there are cookies and hot chocolate with Christmas carols. 

I was pretty impressed by this - they even had a live camel! And at the end of the night, as you left to head back to your car they took your picture with either a sheep or a donkey. Our friend Jennie and her son Jimmy joined us on this adventure too and so I had Jimmy hop in the picture with me and I actually got my picture today! I'd definitely go see this again next year too - so neat and tells the true story of Christmas in such a lovely way.

Waiting in line for our hay ride to the Nativity!

So...the flash doesn't really work on selfies...but Jimmy & I on the hay ride!

The first scene, really just setting the stage for the rest of the "show"

An Angel visits Mary...

An Angel visits Joseph in a dream...

Shepherds & sheep! Got to love it!

Joseph tells us all about the new baby Jesus...

A five month old camel...too cute!

The Three wisemen...

Jimmy choosing which cookies he wants from the long table of choices....

Christmas carols...tra la la!
So - those are just a few of the things we've been doing over the past couple weeks. Stay tuned, there is at least one more post....we've been out and about quite a bit!

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