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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Flashback: August

Oh August - you were hot. Listen - it was SO HOT. 

And honestly, I realize that as a person who lived in Mississippi for something like twenty-six years of my life that I should really be better at dealing with the heat - but guess what? I'm not. I don't care for it and honestly, it would seem that the heat does not like me either. So - while August was filled with delightful things, I am not wholly sad to see it go. 

August is always hot though - isn't it? So, a quick peek into the August that have come and gone before September (and hopefully cooler weather...) arrives!

Seeing the Corpse Flower in bloom - chance of a lifetime!
Making the escape from Escape Quest!
Bubble Run Participant? Check!
Star Trek costume on display at the Air & Space Museum - yes please!
Nationals baseball...& signed baseballs!

Afternoon tea at Rosemont.
Nationals Baseball - of course!
A summer sunset in Shenandoah...
Supporting the super pilot in training!
Little people snuggles!

Little people snuggles - a year earlier! 
My sweetheart lunch date - so cute!
Goofing off at the US Marine Corps Museum at Quantico...
Proving I am NOT very country...like y'all...it was a real live pig.
Spinning in the Tilt A Whirl at the Shenandoah County Fair!

Snapping some selfies in my sister's aviators...ha-ha!
Puppy dog snuggles.
Saturday morning sunshine streaming through the curtains...
Saturday night Mexican food with one of the best friends.

A casual observer from the front seat of the car.
Begging for something - it's one of his favorite things.

Staking out his spot on the couch...with ALL the pillows.
Cheering on my favorite cheerleader!

Panama City Beach with some of my precious college pals.
We obviously couldn't take a good group photo on our own...
Here we go - better group picture!
Wasting away again in Margaritaville...
Enjoying some fine food at Pineapple Willy's!
I do love the beach. *sigh*

No clue what I was doing in the late summer of 2009...but it obviously wasn't worth photographing...

Summer Saturday night Sonic run...that became a tradition.

Dining at Calhoun's in Pigeon Forge, TN
Ready for our ghost tour of Gatlinburg!
The Summerlin sisters & the Great Smokey Mountains.

Just relaxing casually after my cousin's wedding...
At the amusement park with my youth group & former youth minister.

The first day of my Senior year of high school...whoa.
Skinny much? Ha-ha!
And that's all she wrote for this August and the August past. Now...on to September and the lovely Fall season!

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