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Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday

Friday is here and as always - what a delightful thing that is! I don't know if I've ever welcomed a Friday with anything other than absolute joy...and I hope that is always true! Life is full of ups and downs but I try (some days it's much harder than others) to find some measure of joy in each day. 

Five on Friday is so good for that! While all five things on my list today might not be bringing me joy at this moment, they have brought or will bring joy at some point - right?

One. The Spa - Indeed...tomorrow is spa day! And I'll confess that at the age of almost thirty-two, I have never had a massage or a facial. That will all change tomorrow when I spend a blissful piece of my Saturday being pampered: a facial, a massage and a pedicure! I'm going with my sweet Momma and while I can't wait, I'm a little worried that by the time it's all said and done, we'll both be too blissed out to drive home. Ha!

Two. Nationals Baseball - It was a good week to be a Nationals fan! The Nationals have won 8 of the last 10, won 3 of the 4 games they played this week, have a 10 game lead in the National League East Division and the magic number to clinch the National League East is just 7! Tickets for the National League Division Series went on sale this morning at 10 AM and the post season is becoming a reality for Nationals fans this year!

Some high points of the week would have to be the games against the Mets on Monday night and Wednesday afternoon. The Nationals put a pretty good walloping on the Mets on Monday night; winning the game 8-1 behind some serious offense on the part of the Nationals...which even included a homerun from our starting pitcher, Mat Latos! Wednesday's game was another absolute gem from Tanner Roark - he took the game through seven scoreless innings for the ninth time this year! The Nationals got on the board with the one and only run needed to win the game - Wilson Ramos murdered a baseball in the seventh inning and that was that.

Friday Fun Fact: Daniel Murphy; with hits in all 19 games versus the Mets (his former team); tied the longest single-season hitting streak versus one team in the divisional era (since 1969).

Three. Fitness - Which has completely failed this week. I'd like to blame it on the move...and even though that's passing the buck...I'm going to do just that; blame it on the move. I feel like I did enough physical exertion between 7:30 on Friday the 9th and we'll say...11:00 on Saturday the 10th to count as about a week's worth of exercise. Good grief. I have never sweat so much in my life! I think I was soaked about five times over in my own sweat...and if that's gross or TMI...well, such is life.

Along with the moving came some really "unhealthy" food. Including pizza on Friday night and donuts (why are donuts SO GOOD and SO BAD) on Saturday morning and then yesterday I went to the grocery store to get something to cook for supper...and y'all...Halloween candy is of the devil. No pun intended. And the elliptical is in the storage room and in between opening boxes, breaking down boxes to put them in the storage room and just generally doing unpacking and organizing...getting on the elliptical has just not been even slightly appealing.

So...I've decided to get through the weekend and get back to the whole fitness thing starting on Monday! Which brings me to....

Four. Stitch Fix - Have you heard of it? The concept is quite simple: you answer the style profile questionnaire and you're assigned a stylist; you can leave your stylist a note about something you are looking for or if there is something coming up in your life you want something special for. About a week later...you get a box with five items; shoes, clothes, jewelry, handbag(s), a fix could be all clothes or a mix...you never know until you open your box.

If you choose to keep an item (or two...or three) the $20 styling fee you've already paid goes toward your purchase and if you choose to keep all five items, you get 25% off! If none of the items are right for you, you just return them in the postage paid envelope that's included in your box and you're just out the $20 styling fee. You can schedule your "fix" for every 2-3 weeks, every month or every 3-4 months...whichever is best for you. My first fix is set to arrive next week...so I'll share more about that later.

In the meantime - if you're interested in trying Stitch Fix out, you can use my referral link and give it a shot! https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/9219429

Five. This quote...because truer words were never spoken.

"I always wanted a happy ending... Now I learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity." - Gilda Radnor

I hope you have a happy Friday and an even happier weekend - look for joy in everything!

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