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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Sprang Up (is sprang even a word???)

The first full week of April - gone. Passed us by, just like that! I'm telling you, having an actual 9-5 (okay, it's actually 8:30-5) job makes the weeks feels like they pass that much quicker. I feel like the week was almost a blur of work, activity and sleeping and the weekend passed just as quickly. Therefore, this post will probably consist more of pictures and less of words...ha-ha!
Amazing artwork for our fridge, courtesy of one Ryleigh Roberts! In case you can't tell, that is a picture of me, Ryleigh & Watson. 

I love getting things in the mail from Amazon!

I've said it before, I'll say it again - this view doesn't get old.

Even early in the morning, I'm still just as pleased to have the views...even just views of trees & clouds...

Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino - you certainly hit the spot.
The scenery in Northern Virginia never ceases to amaze me; I feel like on any given day you don't have to look too far to find an absolutely picturesque scene that is guaranteed to take your breath away. This week was really pretty exceptional when it came to gorgeous views - exception in that I didn't have to do much more than open my eyes in the morning and there was something gorgeous to look at. I feel like this past week was definitely the week that Spring made it's presence known: trees budded out and bloomed, the grass has suddenly turned the perfect shade of green, little flowers are popping up as brilliantly colored carpets atop the grass and don't even get me started on the cherry blossoms in DC! We took a walk on Monday evening and went to Long Branch for book club on Tuesday and both provided the opportunity for some absolutely perfect views. I'm so glad Spring has arrived!

The misty mountains on Tuesday evening...

Book club at Long Branch - I don't ever get tired of seeing this house!

The Forsythia in bloom all up & down the driveway!

This little silly goose...she needed to relax for just a hot minute...

Why yes, Alfalfa can stand up on her own already! Check out that tiny curly spring on top of her head...love it!

Making faces!
I spent a fair bit of time this week and weekend with my favorite kiddos - I spent lots of time with Amelia between Wednesday night Bible study and corralling her at her sister Emily's birthday party on Saturday night. I joked shortly after Amelia was born that we were perfectly suited for one another because we were both "new" Virginians - I arrived in Virginia on June 13th and she arrived in Virginia on July 11 - we are both experiencing all the life here has to offer, for the first time...together! It seems crazy to me to think that in just two short months (literally - to the day) I'll have lived in Virginia for a year. It seems equally crazy to me to think that in just three short months, Amelia will be a year old. I remember way back in November of 2013 when my Mom told me about Amelia's impending arrival in the Summer of 2014. I told her that I just had to get to Virginia before she was born - I love babies and I knew I'd get to love on this one just a little extra. Well, I arrived three weeks before her, I think we've both settled in nicely and the little stinker is already standing on her own! It's crazy how time flies!

A delicious Thursday lunch with Mom!

The flowers around the house, all in bloom on Friday night!

Absolutely breathtaking!

Even the little flowers in the backyard are so pretty...

One of those epic, blazing sunsets! 
I enjoyed a really relaxed Friday evening...I guess. I watched some New Girl and talked on the phone with my dear friend Nickolee...I also ran up and down the stairs doing laundry, so it was somewhere on the relaxed scale, but not 100%. I dedicated a whole post to my Saturday morning and afternoon - so glad I was finally able to see the cherry blossoms in person, it was amazing! Saturday night was spent at Emily's birthday party, yahoo for cookie cake, punch and some Penguins of Madagascar on the big (inflatable) screen. I did get a pretty big kick out of Amelia trying to suck my finger off to get at some icing...when she gets some teeth, it's going to be dangerous! I'll go ahead and admit I was just a bum on Sunday - which is very not like me. There is more of a reason behind it than me just being lazy but that's for another day. I walked the dog all over the place, re-capped myself on the fourth season of Game of Thrones in preparation for season five and was pretty much just a bit of a bum - and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Tulip Library in DC!

Bucket List dream...coming true!

I love Spring in DC!

A birthday for a little booger - sure do love "my" kiddos!

Cake & ice cream are delicious...

So delicious that she will suck your finger right off...

Sunday afternoon beauty...

Watson & I wandered all over...seeing the trees around the house...

The golf ball that almost smacked me in the head on Sunday afternoon....& the people looking for it...

I think some people need to get better aim.
All in all, this was a great week and was capped off with a really wonderful weekend. I sure wish my office windows opened to the outside world though; it's just as lovely today as it was this weekend and I'd love to be outside soaking up the sun and basking in the breeze. I'm so glad Spring is here!

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