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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Good Week

Well - here we are again. Another Monday morning, another week gone by. You guys, there are only 10 days left of April. 10! And who are we kidding, if you're like me you don't actually count today in that number...so really we are down to 9 days in this month. Where did April go? Where? It went away, that's for sure...

Friends for life - no doubt about it, no matter what state(s) (or country) we call home!

Oh my gracious y'all. Yum.
So - a new development that could prove to be dangerous. You see that picture above? Yea, that's a millionaire bar from Firefly Bakery and Cafe, which just opened right down the sidewalk from my office....and that's why things could get dangerous. So far I've sampled their coffee (which was so-so, but I did try it the day they opened, so I'm more than willing to give them another try) a couple of their bakery items and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the cafe with my Mom. I think the baker at this place really must like using raspberries because a few weeks ago I had a chocolate chocolate chip cookie with raspberry in it and this week they had lemon squares with raspberries as well - both were delicious; the lemon bar was especially refreshing. The millionaire bar had (and this is my best guess here) a sugar cookie crust topped with caramel, topped with chocolate chip cookie dough and finished off with a chocolate ganache. Yes - it was amazing. They have splendid chicken salad and some pretty divine potato soup as well. I can see this place becoming a major go-to for lunch...among other things, ha-ha!
Sticking his tongue out because I won't share my evening snack with him.
Wednesday morning snuggles - maybe he thought if he laid on my feet, I wouldn't leave?
This past week has been both long and short - I guess that could technically describe every week on some levels, right? I've been on my own this past week (really the past ten days) while my family has been in Mississippi visiting my little sister. I must admit being on my own has been a bit delightful; I've enjoyed just doing my own thing every night...but I also have to admit it's been a bit less than delightful some nights too. It's just not as fun to watch certain shows alone and it's not as nice to sit down to dinner all by yourself. I know without a doubt that Watson would rather my parents be there - apparently just spending time with me is just downright boring. Ha! What is most amazing to me is how quickly I reverted to spending my week nights (and weekend nights) in almost the exact same way I'd spent them before I moved to Virginia. Old habits die hard, right? I've enjoyed having the me time but I'm glad my family is back home again - especially since my Mom has plans to make chicken spaghetti! What can I say, sometimes it doesn't take much. Ha!

A tree in our backyard - not sure what kind, but it's pretty. :)

I happened to catch this busy bee going about his work.

The blossoms from the trees are already falling like snow...

I don't know what these are but they're gorgeous. 

This tree was in full bloom a week ago - now it's almost completely lost it's buds.

Pretty - but I actually think I prefer the purple.
Fun fact about Watson - he's brilliant. I'm not kidding! Wednesday morning he snuggled with me in the recliner for almost 45 minutes and then we both crawled out of the chair because it was time for me to go to work. I raised my arms over my head to stretch and looked down at him; he was watching me with a look of interest, I told him "let's stretch Watson!" You guys - he stretched his little front legs out in front of him and joined the stretch fest! YES! Like I said - he's brilliant!
My brilliant pup, just contemplating the ways of the world.

This is Sand...& yes, it has to be capitalized like that because that's what it's called - Sand. And it's amazing.
I will make a confession this week on the blog - it's actually something that happened last week but the wounds were still fresh and I couldn't really speak about it. They were mental wounds of course, but I thought if I brought it up too much my Mother might inflict actual wounds on me. You see, I inadvertedly made some wall art in my bathroom last Thursday (4/9) night. It was one of those gloriously clumsy moments that only happens to someone like me...

The before and after....
I decided I'd clean out the stash of nail polish that I brought all the way from MS and so I settled myself in the floor of my (really my parent's...since I live in their home) bathroom, began sorting through the polish and casually tossing bottles toward the trash. Dunk! 3 points! Swish! Another 3 points! I was on fire - cleaning out the drawer and tossing the bottles into the trash with expert aim...an if you haven't figured out yet where this is going, well maybe you need another cup of coffee or something...bless your heart. I selected another bottle and deemed it unworthy, casually tossing it with a flick of the wrist - and then it was like everything happened in slow motion. The bottle somersaulted through the air...arcing over the trash can and slamming (smacking? crashing? shattering? Oh...it did all those things...) into the tile on the shower and exploding across the wall. And it wasn't pale pink nail polish either...oh no. It was a deep, intense wine color and I had a mini heart attack right then and there.

My immediate reaction was to quickly close the bathroom door, grab the nail polish remover and give it a big ol swipe before it had time to set. You know what doesn't work well for getting nail polish off walls? Acetone - because it also maybe takes the actual paint off the walls too! Sweet Mother have mercy, it was just not a good situation. I thought in my head how pathetic this all was - I am a grown woman of thirty, trying to clean up an epic mess on the wall before my parents find out - talk about immediately regressing to about 13! I finally confessed and was spared from being killed outright. I've been working on that wall for a week now and all I can say is thank the good Lord for the Magic Eraser - it has thus far worked miracles.

Oh look - a golf ball! 

He thought he saw a cat...he ran under a truck...& suddenly I was walking myself & he was over in the side yard...

Mowing the grass on Friday evening.

It came a very small (wee even) shower on Friday afternoon...& then there was a rainbow!
I spent my Friday evening introducing my friend Jennie to the movie "The Avengers". She knows plenty about it anyway but had somehow never seen the movie and so I decided I needed to bring her up to speed before the second movie comes out on the 1st; I need my Marvel movie buddy to be ready to go. Her son Jimmy of course came along and I've never seen someone so engrossed in a movie in all my life! Perhaps he was so intrigued because in his new glasses he could see so well? I asked him if he looked nerdy in his glasses...because I told him I always look nerdy in my glasses. His response? He said - um no, I look really cute! Ha, that you do kid...that you do!

Smile - show me your glasses & look excited about them!

Y'all - the Avengers were kicking some serious tail & the only way to watch that is to lay with your head on the footrest & your feet stretched out on the headrest. Am I right?

Arboretum collage!

I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite picture - because how can it not be?
Watson and I spent Saturday - which was absolutely glorious - at the Arboretum. I dedicated a whole post to that, so I won't say too much here...except it is hands down one of my favorite places in Virginia. I love it! I wish I'd packed a blanket and snacks and maybe then we'd have stayed all day!

Exploring the Arboretum is SO tiring.

He knows life is good - no question.

The week ended on a rainy note - & these guys lost their balls, so sadness all around - right?
Well - that's all for now. A good week has ended and another good week (hopefully) has begun!

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