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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Picture....A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words but if you have a thousand pictures...you don't really need many words. There aren't really a thousand pictures but yesterday was too beautiful not to take 30 or 40 pictures from Watson and I's afternoon trip to the Arboretum...which has easily become one of my favorite places in Virginia! I'm sure it's pretty evident why after you see all these pictures...

Two weeks ago, this was just a field filled with grass....

Watson says "wow - these flowers are as tall as I am!"

Pictures cannot do it justice - at least, not my pictures...but I tried.

Seriously - beautiful.

Daffodil selife!

Everywhere I looked - a gorgeous view.

Watson & I had a seat in the middle of the daffodils.

Perhaps my new favorite picture of Watson. Could a puppy be any cuter?


The view across the meadow - we were headed for the pale pink tree on the left. 

We rested under this tree for almost 20 minutes - petals rained down every time a breeze came along.

So dainty & lovely.

Such pretty pinks & greens...

A little reddish pink tree - not even fully bloomed.

We found an observation tower! Yay!

Another spot to take in the view & the breeze!

A wee swamp.

This knucklehead thought he'd try to jump in after a bug. No way dude!

Carpets of wildflowers...everywhere....

Virginia bluebells & wee white flowers...

Watson says "oh yes - this is a lovely spot..."

Another picture of Virginia bluebells.

Into the woods...along the path under the pine trees.

Gazing into the Ephemeral Pond; most likely wondering what kind of trouble he can get into.

Playing in the sunshine is tiring....

Just being goofy, relaxing in the grass.

Lovable little goofball!

Violets in the grass.

Dogwood Lane - not 100% bloomed, but still lovely.

Ladies' Slipper

I just couldn't resist taking a few more pictures of the field of daffodils.

Yep - gorgeous.

I found this tree as we were driving the loop road before we left - holy cow at the pink!

No clue what these are either. Just hanging in the trees...

I've always got to get a picture of Tulleyries - such a beautiful house.

My outfit of the day - it was finally warm enough for shorts! Hello pale white legs!

Before & after - I think someone was worn out!

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