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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sherlock Lives...and Other Minor Details of Life...

I'm currently nursing cup of coffee number two this morning since I'm suffering from Sherlock hangover. Which means that I stayed up until after eleven to watch the series three premier of Sherlock last night - because honestly, I had to. I haven't been waiting for over two years like some fans but I've been waiting long enough to find out just how Sherlock pulled it off. The past week has been kind of a roller coaster; there were definite downs in the middle of the week. I wasn't sad to see this week go, I'm hoping this week is better...and without further ado, the week in recap - the good, the bad & the bloody.

It was Monday - it seemed like an appropriate mug. One day I'm going to have a moment at work & that's exactly what everyone will say....

My on desk art installation - it changes daily. Ha-ha!

This has nothing to do with my life, but I love Jennifer Lawrence & I love this picture. She's the best - it cracks me up.

Isn't this the sweetest face? I'm sure he was begging for something when I took this....

Cuddling with his sock monkey - sometimes he is so sweet. Sometimes being the key word....

My Christmas watch from "Santa"...I love it. I do love bling-y watches though...
Tuesday - y'all Tuesday was a rough day. You know you are in for it when you are sitting at your desk crying before 8:30. I was already struggling with some other issues when I got to work on Tuesday and then I was thrown under the bus; blamed for something that wasn't my fault and that just caused the dam to break. The day didn't improve too much - I ended up with a raging headache after lunch (I'm sure crying three times before 12:30 didn't help that...) and even a trip to the gym didn't really help with that. I had some supper and watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...but that was about the only hour of peace I got. I was emptying the dishwasher later and in the process of pulling out my apple corer, I sliced into my finger. It was at that point I decided to just give up - I closed the dishwasher, cleaned up the cut and went to bed. Sometimes that's all you can do, right?

Injury #1 - a sign on Tuesday night that I should have just given up & gone to sleep already.

Out of order - the sunset on Tuesday night. Pretty. The only pretty thing about Tuesday.

I re-arranged my room (yes, again) & I love my new "headboard"...it's built in, ha-ha!

Hiding from Wednesday morning - he knew Tuesday had been a struggle & he thought I should just stay home. Good idea Watson...

Such a colorful lunch...this is what all my lunches look like these days....
Oh ViSalus - I suppose that's going well and all. I haven't 100% adjusted to only doing liquid lunch (and breakfast) every day. There is a part of me that likes the simplicity of knowing that breakfast and lunch preparations are so easy but the other part of me misses eating real food at lunch. I missed the chance to get on the scale on Saturday, so I don't know if I lost anything more this week but I do know that I wore a pair of jeans to church on Sunday night and by the time I'd had them on for two+ hours, I was yanking them up every two minutes. Maybe that's a good sign? I couldn't keep the things pulled up for anything and it was driving me crazy. Driving me crazy in a good way though... So I soldier on. Today's lunch will be Raspberry Lemon something...I don't know. Liquid lunch all the way!

*sigh* My favorite Brit. I waited impatiently for this issue of EW to arrive in my mailbox!
Another note - I'm supposed to be eating "sensible" suppers with this ViSalus stuff and most nights, I think I do pretty well. Wednesday night was the exception to the rule I guess. Every single time I thought about what I wanted to eat for lunch, I was craving chicken enchiladas...so bad. So bad y'all. I kept resisting the urge but on Wednesday, I just had to cave in. Wednesday wasn't nearly as bad as Tuesday but Wednesday ended on a rough note and all I could think about on the drive home was getting the ingredients for chicken enchiladas, de-stressing while I cooked them and then devouring them. And that's exactly what I did. Because sometimes you just need some comfort food.

Wednesday night comfort food - sometimes you just need some chicken enchiladas & Mexican rice.
I swear - I wasn't trying to cut my foot off....
Oh yeah - Wednesday night. I'm pretty sure I have never in all my life had such a heart attack. The first thing you should know is that the above picture is a shaving injury...so I wasn't trying to slit my ankles or anything...although you wouldn't know looking at the picture. I took a bath and shaved, never knowing I'd cut myself. Once I got out of the bath I put on pajamas, got clothes out to wear to work on Thursday, washed dishes and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen and packed my lunch for Thursday and finally got some lotion to put on my legs. As I was rubbing the lotion down my leg and onto my ankle, I thought that my ankle felt awfully....goopy. I looked down and had heart failure. I'd obviously cut myself while shaving (which I never realized) and the above picture was the end result. I started re-tracing my steps to make sure I hadn't left bloody footprints all over the house but the blood seemed to have collected at my heel - so no harm there. Once I got all the blood cleaned off, I couldn't even find the cut...so, all that blood for nothing. Sheesh!

Sleepy one...stealing my t-shirt for a pillow.....

Treadmill reading on Thursday - I only almost crashed once. Ha-ha!

Oh yes - too true. Too true.

Injury #3....I just couldn't win for losing last week.
Yes, you see - I rearranged my bedroom for the 79th time since I've been living in my house. I think it's like a sickness or something. I just get bored with the way things look and so have to flip it all around. I decided last week that I was going to rearrange my room but I wasn't sure how I was going to do it because I only see it being able to be adjusted three ways - the head of the bed at the windows, the head of the bed against the back wall and the head of the bed against the side wall. I really got to thinking about it and realized that my bed was just the right width to put the head of the bed against the built in bookshelves on the wall and have something like a built in headboard! It actually worked out really well and I love it - I'm able to put my lamp, books I'm reading and some pictures right behind me and it turned out really well. So maybe I'll leave it like this for longer than a month...ha-ha!

Re-arranged bedroom - I love it. 

My phone reminded me to go see my movie on Saturday...hilarious!

Excellent movie - stupendous acting. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I have lots of apps on my phone and I'm figuring out that they do even more than I would have originally thought - which is fun; to be surprised by my phone's capabilities after two years of having it. I was gifted with a Fandango gift card for Christmas from two of my precious nursery babies and so on Friday night when I realized August: Osage County had actually come to Meridian, I used my Fandango app to get myself a ticket for Saturday. I cracked up on Saturday morning when an hour before my movie was set to start, the app popped up to remind me that I had plans! The move was excellent - all the acting in the film was superb and let me assure you, I'm pretty sure the Weston family could make any other family feel drastically less dysfunctional than they are. Great movie - funny, touching, poignant and sometimes just downright painful but all exceptionally acted. I loved it.

Okay...I might have arranged this picture. He isn't THAT sweet. 

Watching The Reichenbach Fall one more time before Sunday's Sherlock premier.

Sunday morning chat with the pup...

What Sunday lunch (and every other day's lunch) looks like now....
And the reason I'm nursing coffee this morning - hello, Sherlock series three finally premiered in the US! I will admit that I am like a granny, I normally go to bed at 9 or 9:3 because this girl needs her sleep...but for Sherlock, I can make it to 11 if I need to - and that is exactly what I did. I have to say, I loved the first episode and I'm sure it will only get better...granted, since there are only three episodes, that will be a fairly short climb. So far, I actually like Mary...I think. I know one thing for certain; neither John nor Sherlock need to ever bother with a mustache ever again. So, here's to series three and drinking lots of coffee for the next three Mondays!

And...that's all she wrote for now. I've got to get busy finishing my coffee and doing some work; and hoping this week is better than the last!

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