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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Watson Wednesday

I'll admit - I'm a helicopter "parent". I'm fiercely protective of my little pup and my little pup is fiercely adventurous. Before we moved to Virginia he was used to a life of roaming free on the acres of land that surrounded our house...and while he's adjusted just fine to the leash lifestyle, he still longs to break free.

Front porch sitting...
My Mom is convinced that he can be happy relaxing in the sun on the front porch - but I know better than that. I know his spirit is wild and he wants nothing more than to get off the porch and investigate life. We tested my Mom's theory yesterday...

Creeping closer to the front of the porch - under the guise of smelling the plants.

Mere steps from the edge...
After about ten minutes - I was proven right. I'd been going back and forth, back and forth...you know, hovering - like a helicopter. Sure enough, I returned to peer our the door and he was gone! I ran out in the yard yelling his name and after FOUR calls, he came racing around from the backyard...quite pleased with himself.

In short - he's a rascal and I'm a helicopter parent. And this time I was right - he can't just sit still.

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