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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watson Wednesday - Watson's Moment of Glory

As you may know if you read this blog from time to time...I'm a big fan of the Washington Nationals. Well, it just so happens that by default, so is my dog - Watson. Well, Watson had a moment of glory (unbeknownst to him...) on Monday night.

My little love wearing his Nationals collar.

After the Nationals scored five runs in the third inning against the Mets, I tweeted out the above photo of Watson, mentioning specifically a Twitter user I follow that goes by the name of Jayson Werth's Beard. While not actually Jayson Werth; this guy (I'm assuming it's a guy....) tweets on anything and everything related to the Nationals.

Imagine my surprise when mere seconds after tweeting out Watson's picture, It was retweeted by Jayson Werth's Beard! This retweet also scored Watson's picture quite a few likes on Tweeter too! So, you see...Watson really had quite the social media moment this week!

Watson taking social media by storm....

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