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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Flashback - May

Once more we've made it to the end of another month... If it's even possible, this month seemed to pass even faster. I guess spending the last (almost) ten days of the month on vacation and days before that off work...for one reason or another...the days just passed in the blink of an eye. Kind of like the years have! 

Nationals baseball with the little sister.
Curly W in the books!
Cave explorations on a rainy day...
Siblings with stalactites...
The ever awesome, Nationals Park
Another Curly W - we'll take it!
Radiator Springs!
Surf Beach, Lompoc CA

Hundreds & hundreds of people on the National Mall for the Democracy Flyover
A visit with the greatest granny around!
My first Nationals game since moving to the DMV.
They got a Curly W - of course!
Memorial Day Weekend in the woods of the Shenandoah Valley
Family photo!
Pinkberry for the win! 

Reunited & it feels so good....
Just petting a falcon...no big deal...
The class of 2014 - yahoo!
Hanging in the bleachers on the parade field.
She's officially commissioned - whoa.
Sibling silliness in the Garden of the Gods.

Discovering that crawfish aren't really my thing...
Meeting baby Micah...so teeny!
We didn't even plan this...it just happened!
Staring contest for the ages.
Have you ever seen such a huge chip?

I don't know y'all...I think I fell of the face of the Earth in 2012...

We liked to pretend we were Lois Lane & Chloe Sullivan...ha-ha!
The moving van, ready to head out to Virginia with my Dad in tow...
Friday night at Cup of Hope with Kristen.
All around town on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Just a couple graduation photos around the campus...
Where am I graduating from? Oh yea...USM!
Smile for the camera!
I got the diploma!
Celebrating Lindsey's graduation from the Prep School!

Riley & I, ready for Lindsey's graduation.
She's a high school graduate!
Having graduation luncheon at church...
Posing in St. Charles Square....NOLA!

Waiting on your food is harder for some of us than others....

And now...for the best part...ha-ha! The way, way back pictures from when I was in high school!

I don't even know who this person is....
Smile for the camera!
High School Diploma? Check!

And because today is Wednesday - I'll throw in a Watson flashback - a picture from this week and a picture from years ago, ha-ha!



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