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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What I was Into in April

This month absolutely flew by - and perhaps that's why I'm a couple days later than usual on posting this! I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's already May! Absolutely crazy, right?

Books I Read

100 Things Nationals Fan Should Know & Do Before They Die by Jake Russell - This book is exactly what it sounds like: any and all information/factoids/fun and interesting advice that a Nationals fan could ever possibly want to know...compiled in one place! I have practically devoured the book and in the process learned even more about my Nationals than I did before - it's splendid. 

And that's literally the only thing I've read all month. Oops! Better luck in May maybe?

Books in the Queue

The King's Curse by Phillipa Gregory - This is the sixth and final book in the series that follows the uniting of the Houses of York and Lancaster (I wanted to type Stark and Lannister - granted; those characters are based on these real people) and I have just this final book to finish the series!

Home is Where Your People Are by Sophie Hudson - Sophie authors the Boo Mama blog and does a podcast with fellow blogger/author Melanie Shankle. Sophie also happens to have been born and bred near where I spent a majority of my growing up years and her books are always uplifting, hilarious and a completely perfect snapshot of life in the deep South. I'm sure I'll speed through this one in no time flat!

Crimson Peak by Nancy Holder - The novelization of the movie listed a little further down; I was surprised by how much I loved the movie and I'm guessing the book will be no different. I'm one of those nerdy people that loves to read the book and watch the movie...and there is no order required. I'll watch the movie and then read the book and vice versa. Can't wait to read this one!

Can't Miss Television

The Night Manager - I decided to watch this show for one reason and one reason only: Tom Hiddleston...ha-ha! No shame; I like tall, slim British actors, they're my "thing". The show is based on a novel by John le Carre; a crime drama following the former British soldier, Jonathan Pine. Pine is a night manager who is contacted by British intelligence operatives to assist in spying on international businessman Richard Roper. The businessman is thought to have formed an alliance between secret arms traders and intelligence and Pine attempts to infiltrate Roper's inner circle without becoming a felon himself...all while keeping his mission a secret from those closest to him. Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie are both incredible actors - I'm only two episodes into this six part miniseries but it's SO good. This comes on AMC on Tuesday night and they do re-play episodes, so you can still check this out!

Pine & Roper 

Game of Thrones - The game has started up once more over on HBO and as I write this, only one episode has aired (another will air tonight) and while aspects of the episode (Dorne - that whole plotline can just die...please...) gave me pause, I have hopes that season six will prove to be better than season five. I hope I'm not disappointed. What can I say - I'm so invested in the song of ice and fire, even if season six isn't spectacular, I'm in it for the long haul with this one! I'm glad they didn't drag out the verdict of Jon Snow's fate for half the season; I definitely thought that would be a thing. After the first two episodes, I'm excited to see what the rest of the season has in store!

I refuse to believe some characters are really dead...

Outlander - The second season of Outlander is well underway and I'm enjoying it immensely! Jamie and Claire have thrown themselves into French life and are working to make themselves integral to French court life in an attempt to stall or altogether prevent the Stuart uprising and the Battle of Culloden. I love seeing how the show compares to the book(s) and the costumes for this season are so rich and vibrant in comparison to the much more subdued things the characters wear when in Scotland. I can't wait to watch the rest of season two unfold...I've said it before - I'll say it again - this show was fabulously cast and I love watching it. So enjoyable!

Such fabulous costumes!

What I Binged

The Office - Everyone knows The Office...and I think most everyone loves it, right? I have watched bits and pieces of The Office here and there for the past few years but I've never watched the series as a whole. Well, courtesy of Netflix, I now have that option and I am about halfway through the nine seasons that make up The Office. It always cracks me up and of course, Jim and Pam are pretty much one of the most perfect love stories of our time. *sigh*

Everyone needs a laugh every now & then!

Movies I Watched

The Huntsman: Winter's War - This movie is billed as the story before Snow White; I loved (still do) Snow White and the Huntsman, this movie was good...but not quite as good as it's predecessor. The story follows the life of the Huntsman Eric; trained in the army of Queen Freya alongside his love Sara, to be ruthless huntsmen that help her conquer all the kingdoms surrounding her. The story doesn't have too many plot twists, although seeing Queen Ravenna show up after her supposed demise in Snow White and the Huntsman is certainly interesting. The costumes are absolute masterpieces and I love both Chris Hemsworth and Emily Blunt, so I enjoyed this one - but I also got to see it for free, courtesy of a friend - I'd say wait to rent this one!

Costumes - Amazing. Storyline - Only So So

Crimson Peak - The previews for this movie (which came out last October) had me convinced I'd never in a million years be able to sit through it; it looks for all intents and purposes like a horror movie. However, after reading some reviews, I decided to take the plunge and give it a chance and I loved it! The story is not a ghost story, but is more aptly described as a love story with ghosts...and that seems a justifiable description to me. The story follows Edith Cushing; recently married to the dashing Lord Thomas Sharpe after the untimely and suspect death of her father. The couple return to Sharpe's ancestral home, Allardale Hall - nicknamed "Crimson Peak"by the locals because when it snows, the crimson clay the home sits on seeps upward and makes the home look like it's bleeding from below. As the story unfolds, Edith must piece together why her long dead mother returned from the grave to warn her: When the time comes, beware of Crimson Peak.

It doesn't look creepy at all...right?
Brooklyn - This movie barely made the cut but I watched it on Saturday evening, so it got in under the wire, ha-ha! The movie follows Irish immigrant Eilis as she makes her new life in Brooklyn in the 1950's; she makes new friends, falls in love and on a return visit to Ireland must decide if she wants to continue her new life in Brooklyn or cling to her old life in Ireland. The costumes in this movie were really lovely, 1950's fashion is so charming and classic and the story was well told. All in all, I didn't love this movie as much as I thought I would, but it was still really enjoyable!

Location + Costumes = Love

Music I Listened To

This is yet again a combination of sports radio and KLove; which I know isn't terribly thrilling but I feel like it will continue in this vein for at least the rest of the Summer. I listen to KLove for the music and sports radio for all my Nationals information: the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Yummy in my Tummy

Chili Cheese Polenta Fry Bowl
Have we discussed a restaurant called Pavemint before? I feel like we have - but I'll reiterate that it's one of my favorite dining experiences in the area. We went in late April and I got the Chili Cheese Polenta Fry Bowl and oh my goodness...it was to die for! Polenta "fries" are made from corn meal and while on their own they probably wouldn't be my favorite thing, combined with Pavemint's grass fed local bean and beef chili - delicious!

Peanut Butter Cup Truffle
Another thing I loved eating - and who wouldn't - was the Peanut Butter Cup Trifle that I made for a dinner get together. I especially loved that it was so easy to make, looked really fancy and tasted delicious. Granted, I love anything to do with peanut butter and chocolate...so what's not to love about this dessert, right?

What I'm Looking Forward To

Lindsey Visiting - My sister is coming to Virginia for a week of awesome! Before she makes the move out to the Wild, Wild West she is going to come spend some time with all of us in the great state of Virginia. I'm lucky enough to be getting to take a couple days off to spend time with her and I'm sure we will have a splendid time. Especially since part of that fun includes....

Nationals Baseball - Of course, of course this month includes more baseball. There's almost a 100% chance that I'll be looking forward to Nationals baseball every month until at least October, ha-ha! I'll be going to two games this month; two games in four days, which is pretty much amazing! Lindsey and I will be watching the Nationals take on the Detroit Tigers and then just a couple days later my Dad and I will be watching the Nationals face off against National League rivals the Miami Marlins. I do love my baseball!

California - Wooohooo! I'm returning to the motherland at the end of the month and I couldn't be more excited! I was born in California...a long time ago....ha-ha, and we are all headed back to visit family, see the sights and of course...go to Disneyland! We will start our trip off at the wonderful world of Disney, then moving up the coast to Vandenburg Air Force Base (I was born there) , Morro Bay, San Simeon, Solvang and Oceanside. It should be a wonderful vacation!

And...that's everything I was into in April...in a nutshell at least, ha-ha! Until next month! Or next post...or something like that. 

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