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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Flashback - April

April has seriously come and gone so quickly! Granted - that seems to always be the case. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

I just thought I was going to a baseball game...ha-ha!
Berkeley Springs on a Spring Sunday afternoon...
Nationals Park - Longest Regular Season Game in Franchise History!
You know that line about "I don't care if I never get back..." Yea - ha-ha!
Curly W - Delightful as a win & a soft pretzel.

Wednesday night blues...ha-ha!
The Cherry Blossoms...
Capturing my favorite photo of Watson ever.

Canola fields...flowers everywhere...
Spring in the Shenandoahs

Having a delicious meal at Huck Finn's
Exploring the mountains!
April in the mountains - long sleeves required.
Fear of Heights - conquered!
Hiking in the mountains!

Dinner with a sweet friend!
Harper's Ferry in the chilly April air...
Just waiting in line at Georgetown Cupcakes...as you do...
Meems Bottom Bridge
Grab the bull by the horns...

Weed Eating can be dangerous...
Afternoon rides with my favorite little fellow...
Up...up...and above the city of Seattle we go...
Dinner at the Top of the World...
My cheeky supper partner...
Celebrating the last night of a memorable vacation!
The Lunar Orbiter...ha-ha!

Just posing on the porch...as one does...
Two wild animals at the Colorado Springs Zoo!
High above Colorado Springs with the little sister!
Brunch at the Broadmoor - Easter 2011
Extra time with the little sis = excellent!
Just studying at the Air Force Academy...

Dinner at the beach - Pensacola, FL
Talk about cheesy grins, ha-ha!
Relaxing at the Pensacola Air Show
Zoom go the jet engines...

I've got nothing...

Between classes at Southern Miss
Sharing a weekend visit with a friend!
Another weekend college visit - this time from the little sis!
USM Baseball with Lisa! Go Eagles!
Nice jerseys guys...

Bellingrath Gardens with the Beast - Mobile, AL
Absolutely gorgeous rose!
I think my Mom is trying to be a statue here...ha-ha!
The azaleas at Bellingrath Gardens!
Sweet sisters.

And now I'll do the thing where I jump *WAY* back in time...all the way to high school. These are some good pictures y'all, because they are prom pictures! And who doesn't love remembering that?

Senior Prom - April 2003
Nickolee & I - Ready to go!
If I remember correctly, this is one of my Mom's favorite pictures...
Everybody get together now...

Junior Prom - April 2002
Russ & I - all decked out!
The sun is in our eyes...

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