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Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

I'm doing this week's Five on Friday a little differently - I'll give you five confessions, ha-ha! Obviously nothing Earth shattering, but just something a little different for this Friday post. Sound good? Off we go!

One. I confess I didn't get to Watson Wednesday this week...I got a sinus infection and in between dealing with that, trying to be at work as much as possible this week and get things together for California...posting a cute little picture of Watson fell by the wayside. However, I will gladly share one now! I was at home most of the day on Wednesday and while I was napping, he sat vigil in the doorway to my room...because obviously he loves me dearly!

Sitting vigil by the bedside of the sick - what a little love!

Two.  I confess I may have a LOT of Nationals clothing. You'll notice I didn't say I might have too much Nationals clothing because in my mind, there is no such thing as too much. However, my family had me count the other day and I thought I was almost to an even 20...until I realized the other day I'd forgotten an article of clothing...or two...or three... Oh well - GO NATS!

Forget Gap or Old Navy or Loft...give me the Team Store...

Three. I confess that odd numbers weird me out - badly. I don't know why, but I need my numbers to be nice, round and even. This is especially true when I'm listening to the radio and adjusting the volume. I will never leave the volume at say...13...or 17...but 14 is fine, 18 is good too. Just no odd numbers. Unless they're multiples of 5 - a volume of 15 is fine. I know - I'm a complete fruitcake.

Four. I confess...that my fitness has fallen off the map this week! Oops! Between getting some sort of cold/sinus drainage/my body's revolt against the crazy weather and preparing to be in California...on vacation...for the next week, I just let it slide! I know - no excuse! However, I plan to get right back at it once I get home from the West Coast...but until then...because seriously, who "behaves" on vacation??

Five. I confess I don't have anything else to confess at present. At least, I can't think of anything else to confess, ha-ha! So that's all for this week!

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