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Monday, March 30, 2015

Springing toward April

Another week - another week's worth of tales to tell to you. This past week; looking back it doesn't seem like it was that busy but when I think about it and being in the middle of it, it seemed busy while it was happening.

Okay - so it wasn't great coffee.
Monday started off with a jolt - just when I thought I was going to have time to sit and leisurely sip my coffee (cup one...there are always more cups of coffee) before heading to work, my Dad oh so kindly passed along his task of taking something to my Mom at her office..."because I was already dressed and headed in that direction..." and so off I went. I was struggling because...hello...I hadn't had any coffee yet. Once I dropped off my Mom's ID card, I had big plans to go to Starbucks - I don't have to be to work until 8:30 and so I still had 30 minutes to kill. Target opens at 8, so surely the Starbucks inside would be open too - it only makes sense.

Guess what guys? The Target was open but the Starbucks WAS NOT. I was; at this point, still suffering from the realities of Monday morning (come on...we all have to face Monday as best we can, it's Monday...) and I'd still not had any coffee. At that point, I moved from slightly disgruntled to irate - how is Starbucks not open at 8 AM??? You serve fuel to get people moving in the morning and you aren't open at 8 AM? I was ready to smack someone in the head. A cafe/bakery actually opened on the 23rd in the shopping/business center where I worked and so I went to them for reprieve - and while I got some coffee, it was not that great. I'll give them a second chance and I appreciate that they were there for me when Starbucks wasn't...but come on Starbucks. Come! On!

Creeping on this squirrel that sits outside my office window...

I feel you baby girl - it has been a Monday for sure!

Oh hey...would you just stand still so I can use you to pull up on?
A bunch of us (okay...maybe 5 isn't a bunch, but you get my point) went out to eat Monday night for my friend Jennie's birthday and then we came back to our house to have cupcakes and ice cream. It was pretty routine as far as a birthday celebration goes - there were coffee cake cupcakes and birthday cake ice cream, so we definitely took care of that whole agenda; I sweetly shared my ice cream with Amelia - because what 8 month old doesn't need a sugar rush at almost 9 PM? Hehehe! Amelia also showed off her new crawling skills, debuting them for us on Monday night and because I'm awesome, I managed to catch it on camera! Score!

Sugar is good! Sooo good!

Another thing infants need? Coffee! Hadley getting an early start on her coffee habit. 
Tuesday was pretty monumental for me - it was my last day working at Hallmark! Hallelujah! I have taken a lot from Hallmark; the most important thing being the friends I've made, as well as lessons about how life doesn't always turn out the way you think it will - but that isn't a bad thing! Working at Hallmark wasn't a bad experience by any means...just very frustrating at times; very being the optimal word. It wasn't anything like what I had planned when I moved to Virginia...but again, life is very infrequently what YOU plan it to be. I'm so thankful for the friends I made working there for the past nine months; most of them friends I plan to have in my life for years to come. I turned in my key on Wednesday morning and there was definitely a feeling akin to unlocking a chain that had kept me tethered to the mall, to retail and weekend that weren't my own. It wasn't a bad chapter by any means, but I am glad I've been blessed to turn the page!

When Target has shoes buy one/get one 50%....I'll probably buy shoes. Hehehe.

The first perk of awesomeness at my new job - my boss got us all pedicures on Thursday! 

A Spring thunderstorm rolling in on Thursday night.

Watson in his blanket bunker on Friday morning. 
The rest of the work week passed without any incident or much of interest happening - we went to Bible study on Wednesday night but it was just our fellowship night, so we ate things and talked. We are about to start a study next week called Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian - anyone done this study before? We just finished a study by her and since it was so good, we just kept going with another of her books. It rained on Thursday evening and so instead of going to Long Branch to hear a speaker, we all just decided to hunker down at the house instead. I had big plans to be lazy on Friday night but they got shifted a little bit when my Dad was unable to go to a Nicole C Mullen concert with my Mom - I got drafted. We ate a quick supper at Panera and I must admit, I really enjoyed the concert...even if it wasn't how I thought I'd spend my Friday night. I also really enjoyed the Celebration Frappucino that I got at Starbucks on the way home - delicious!

She's almost 50 - and she does NOT look it. Whoa.

Celebration Frappucino - so delicious. I'm pretty sure they were only around this past weekend though, so I guess you'll just have to take my word on it.

Watson couldn't take my word on it - he basically attacked my straw & helped himself.
Saturday and Sunday passed so fast - weekends always pass quickly though! I slept in on Saturday and then we had a late breakfast/early lunch (hey - that's brunch, huh?) at IHOP before my Mom and I went to a baby shower. There was so much girly sweetness at that baby shower and I'm pretty sure the new baby girl will have enough clothes that she won't wear the same thing twice...ever! I spent a huge chunk of the shower cuddling and amusing Amelia...which is always wonderful. I drug my parents to Old Navy late on Saturday afternoon because they had cardigans for $10...however the only colors they had were black, gray and tan...not that great a deal. Boo. We watched House of Cards on Saturday night; my parents are getting so close to season three and I can't wait! Sunday was the usual - church and some afternoon laziness thrown in before the rush of the week starts all over again.

Would you like this treat?

Determined not to smile since I was trying to get her to...little stinker!

Eating cantaloupe!

I bought him a hoodie on sale at Old Navy - he rocks it, obviously.

He just cracks me up.

Another Saturday in the books! 

Sunday morning Starbucks run for a friend - so I got something too, of course!
After Starbucks let me down on Monday, they managed to redeem themselves on Sunday with a lovely Tiramisu latte that I downed in no time flat. What can I say, I do love myself some Starbucks and when a friend needed some coffee ASAP, I couldn't deny myself a little something too!

Watson is tired just thinking about another work week.

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