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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Week that Something Awesome Happened!

Yet another post where I'm sitting and writing this while I wait to see what kind of crazy winter weather Mother Nature will deliver to us - supposedly 5-8 inches of snow. Granted, a Weather app that I have also said it's supposed to start snowing in the next 15 minutes and that hasn't come to pass...yet...

It's coming though; the Winter weather. Whether it be a light dusting or a intense downfall, something will happen - so I might as well blog while I wait to see what happens, right? This week has been full of some wonderful moments and one or two crummy ones, but overall it was a week that I'll remember for a good while. Some weeks pass and you don't want to remember them; you wish you could strike them from the record of your life and not look back, this week was NOT one of those weeks, ha-ha!

Watson loves to find new and soft spots to take naps - he especially likes to nap on my bed.

I found these at a pet shop in Winchester & just couldn't resist.
This week could probably best be titled as "I'm Going to get a Job this Week" and that would be the best way to describe it. I was off all day Monday and my only commitment was a job interview in the afternoon. I go through weird cycles before a job interview; I get excited and then I get nervous and then once I arrive at the interview, I feel completely calm. Someone told me once that I did really well in an interview setting and I think I've held onto that and ran with it. Regardless; I went into my interview and really enjoyed meeting the people at the office and enjoyed the time I spent in the interview - I suppose they liked me just fine because I was asked to come back on Thursday and meet with the owner! I took that as a good sign and headed home feeling like things might be about to change for me - and for the better, ha-ha!

Watson thinks he's begging on the sly...

Tuesday morning sunrise! 

Watching the world go by from his spot in the chair...
Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to pass pretty fast and furious - I spent all day Tuesday at Hallmark; working actual 9-5 hours like I had once gotten so accustomed to. Wednesday morning was taken up with a follow-up interview/working interview with another company; this interview also went well and when I went to meet my Mom for lunch, I again had that feeling that perhaps the days of working retail to scrape together money to pay the bills might be something that was about to be in the past. I enjoyed spending Wednesday night at Bible Study with the wonderful ladies at my church; it's a rare and wonderful thing to find such love and support in a group of ladies but I certainly feel like I have that with the ladies group at our church. I was overjoyed about my prospective job possibilities and everyone there was excited along with me!

Amelia just couldn't hang with us on Wednesday night...

A look at some days (actually probably weeks) old snow for all my friends in the South.

Snow flurries abounded here...starting on Thursday & coming & going every day since...
Thursday was the day - the day that made this week so memorable - because on Thursday, I got a job! I think I'll save the tale of that for another post but suffice it to say, I went for my follow-up interview and within a little over an hour of leaving, I'd been offered a job. A job that I immediately accepted because I loved the office, I love the environment and I loved the people that I met with - I immediately felt at home in the office and I just knew; I knew after months of prayer for the Lord to bring me the right job, this was THE job. And so I start that job on March 4th and I cannot wait! The reaction from friends and family was absolutely awesome and I couldn't have been more excited - I've spent the rest of the week and weekend on cloud nine and I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Slightly excited about my new job!

Are you joking me with this weather?

Happy (early) Valentines Day - my parents are so sweet!
The weekend seems like it went by in a blur - we drove into DC on Friday night to take my Mom to the airport and then spent the rest of the night trying to find somewhere to eat, ha-ha! It's next to impossible to find food at a sit down restaurant on a Friday night, especially when it's the Friday before Valentines Day! Texas Roadhouse finally came to our rescue and we ate and headed on home. Saturday morning we found ourselves in the same position - the wait time at IHOP: an hour and 45 minutes, the wait time at Cracker Barrel: 45 minutes, the wait time at Bob Evans: 15 minutes, which was really 30 but we stayed there anyway.

Blazing through DC on a Friday evening...

Cuddling with my boo on a chilly Saturday morning.
I worked on Saturday night and when I left for work, it was windy and cold and that was about all. I arrived at work at 5:30 and the skies were clear. Forty-five minutes later, snow had come out of nowhere and the whole parking lot was completely covered with snow - the weather is crazy like that. I wasn't too concerned until it came time to drive home and then things got real. I'd been told that the main roads were fine, but I obviously use different main roads than some other people because my drive home was not fine - it was the ultimate driving test. The roads were mostly covered in snow and I could feel my tires playing tug of war with not sliding me off the road. I made it almost to the house before I slid along for a while...luckily I remembered not to hit the brakes and I managed to get off the road, slowly creep down the hill and back up it to where our house is. I've never been so glad to be somewhere...and I'd rather not have to drive on the snow again! Eek! It's safe to say the road crews were not prepared for this little dusting of snow...

It only took 45 minutes...

Oh look - the road is covered with snow. Lovely.

Walking the dog in negative temps - always an adventure.
Sunday was COLD. Guys, I'm talking it was absolutely frigid and the roads were covered in icy crappiness and I was battling the beginning stages of a crappy cold and no one likes that. After my Dad and I watched a couple cars trying to slip and slide down the road out of our neighborhood, we decided we'd be better suited to stay put and not risk the big slide down the hill. I spent the day alternately sleeping and taking DayQuil and just generally doing a whole lot of nothing. Once the roads were cleared, we did go to church on Sunday night for the Silent Auction/Valentine dinner and then I was all too happy to end the night with tea, Downton Abbey and crawling into my toasty bed while the freezing wind whipped outside the house.

Watson was only interested in staying good & snuggled up.

Dad really outdid himself with our lunch on Sunday.

Sunday night at church - food & friends.

Watson relaxing on Sunday night. He's so weird.
So - that was this week in a nutshell. The awesomeness of getting a job made this week an absolutely wonderful week. Sure, getting a cold wasn't exactly splendid...but nothing could dampen the thrill of my new job. Absolutely nothing. So, here's to many more weeks filled with awesome; I'm sure they'll be happening - because I think finding the awesome in things can be done. You just have to look a little harder some weeks than others.

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