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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Briefest Recap Ever

I have like...six pictures from this past week. Six! Okay, it's actually seven and I don't know what I was up to this past week but taking pictures obviously wasn't one of them. I don't think I was very busy but I guess I was reading books or something...and no one wants a picture of that, am I right? So - here is the short and sweet of it all.

It snowed again on Tuesday...but only a wee bit...a light dusting.

What is your Cumberbatch name? Ha-ha!
Apparently I spent some time finding out what my Benedict Cumberbatch name is...Buzzfeed is a glorious waste of time. I made sure my parents also found out what their names were as well. Delightful fun while you're sitting at the Mexican restaurant on a Wednesday night!

In mid sweater removal; I couldn't resist because he just looked too funny.

Cake in a mug - I wasn't expecting it to be good...but it was!

I do love icy leaf pictures...

Sunday morning sleepies - this is one seriously rotten little pup!

A Sunday night dinner date with these two cuties.
This is probably the saddest little blog post I've ever done. I don't even seem to remember too much of what happened last week - it all seems like a blur. The positive side? I've already got two pictures for this week and it's only Tuesday...so that bodes well for the next week, right?

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