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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Flashback

In honor of the Olympic Games, let me share with you a short and sweet little flashback that I had on Wednesday night while watching the Women's Figure Skating competition get under way...you see, Lindsey and I used to have our very own Olympic Games.

Picture if you will - a perfectly clear "ice rink" with a dazzling lighting scheme, a fantastic sound system and the most elaborate of costumes. The commentating was always riveting, narrating each spin, turn and precision jump with excitement and accuracy. I'm telling you, these Olympic Games were almost; if not more wonderful than the actual Olympic games. We may not have had all the skills, the rhinestones and the flashy skates but I will tell you what we did have...

We had a freshly mopped kitchen floor to serve as our amazing ice rink. We had the staircase off the kitchen to serve as the commentators booth. We had white socks, fresh out of our dresser drawers to serve as perfectly fine-tuned skates...and if we were feeling really crazy, we might put on colored socks instead of white socks! We might even put on old dance costumes to really spice things up and then, while my parents were busy cleaning, reading a book or poking around on the computer , Lindsey and I would have our very own Olympic Games! We would hop and spin around to our music; one of us would "skate" and the other would be the commentator. We won quite a lot of gold medals you see, because we were quite excellent at our skating skills.

Olympic skaters in disguise...didn't you know?

Those are some good memories y'all! I have a feeling if we could just happen to be together at the right time, here at my house, we could make some skating memories all over again. I could push my kitchen table out of the way, we could grab some socks and have ourselves a good ol time!

Side note - I am SO pleased that Bob Costas has returned to the NBC Olympic commentating fold! Those eyes were looking rough but Lord knows, it is just not the Olympics without Bob!

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