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Friday, June 16, 2017

Five on Friday

...It's Friday! It's always so exciting when Friday arrives; I'm sure we can all agree on that, right? The weekend is looming ever closer on the horizon and before I check out to enjoy my weekend, it's time for my Five on Friday!

As always I'm linking up with April at Smidge of This - if you're looking for another great blog to follow, check her out!

LipSense - Have y'all heard of LipSense? It's smear proof, smudge proof, run proof...lipstick! I've been curious about it for some time now but I wanted to give it a try before I purchased it; it's a bit pricey, but I've decided it is worth it! Two weeks ago I gave LipSense a test run and was thoroughly impressed! I applied LipSense at about 10:00 on Saturday morning at an Arts & Crafts Festival...it was very, very warm out...and the LipSense stayed on through a long, warm day perusing arts and crafts tents, guzzling bottles of water, eating Mexican food (chips and salsa), shopping at IKEA and y'all...when I prepared to go out that night...I still didn't need to reapply or update my color!

What's more - after lunch (and dinner) I wiped my mouth...as you do...and the color NEVER budged. I'm sold and my first color is coming my way soon! I can't wait! Oh yea - April...of Smidge of This; she sells LipSense! 

Disney Countdown - In case you were wondering...the Disney Vacation Spectacular of January 2018 is only 203 days away! One of the most important days of the vacation planning is rapidly approaching though; July 10th is the day to begin making reservations! Be Our Guest - here we come!

Watson - I know; Watson has his very own day on the blog, but he has fallen in love with the deck and spends so much time relaxing, lounging and worshiping the sun. I have snapped loads of pictures of him on the deck and so I had to share two of the many here. Because seriously - he's adorable! 

Weekend Plans - Believe it or not; I do not have a single weekend plan! I love having plans and I love having the weekend wide open in front of me and filled with possibilities. As always; I'm looking forward to my Saturday morning sipping my coffee and doing nothing - drinking coffee in the morning is probably one of my favorite parts of the day - every day - but especially on Saturday! I'm sure I'll find plenty to do and even if I don't..it's the weekend, what's not to love?

The Nationals - Well. *sigh* It has been a week to be a Nationals fan...and sadly, I don't mean that in a good way. It's been tossed around here and there and mentioned from time to time - but the sad truth is that the bullpen is a nightmare and this week that was painfully obvious! The five games played this week yielded two wins and three losses, so I suppose it could have been worse. The Nationals are in New York for the weekend to play a four game series against the New York Mets (ew) and the first game was a win for the Nationals, so here's hoping we are on the upswing! 

That's all I've got for this Friday - have a lovely weekend and show your Dad some love on Sunday!

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