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Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday

....Another week has come and gone! The week seems like it has flown by in a blur and has altogether been a pretty good week. Of course, I'm never not looking forward to the weekend! The next few weekends look to be filled with lots of things to do, so I can't wait to get them underway!


Wonder Woman - That's right; I'm headed to the theater tonight to see Wonder Woman and I can't wait! I've always been a DC comics fan; mostly because I dearly love Superman...but the movies; for the most part, always seems to be lacking something... I can't wait to see Wonder Woman because her character was the highlight of Batman VS Superman and something tells me that this movie is going to excellent!


Occuquan Arts & Crafts Festival - Occuquan is a small town outside of DC that has a bi-annual arts and crafts festival...which I stumbled on last year and thought was amazing! There are tons of vendors nestled along the street(s) of this tiny town and it's the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning; especially if you are looking for a unique gift! It's also especially nice because the temperature is supposed to hover right around the upper 70's tomorrow...and Occuquan is on the river, so I feel like it's the perfect way to spend (part of) the day!

If you live in NoVa and think you'd be interested, check it out here!


House of Cards Season Five - I am reminded every time a new season premieres just how much I love this show! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are playing roles they were born to play and the twists and turns of the political thriller always keep me intrigued and surprised! I've already blazed through Season Five...and it only premiered on Tuesday! The long wait for Season Six begins...but I certainly enjoyed Season Five while I was watching it!


Stitch Fix - I'll have to do a post soon...but I cannot say enough about how much I love Stitch Fix! I received a fix earlier this week and I am contemplating what to keep and what to return. That's always the hardest part for me because my stylist usually picks such wonderful pieces! If you have ever had any interest in trying out Stitch Fix, please feel free to use my link and give it a go. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!


Nationals Baseball - It was a good week to be a Nationals fan! Sure...sure, the week started with a loss to the Padres, but then the Nationals went out west and started their long California road trip with a sweep of the Giants! Certainly there was the whole incident with Bryce Harper getting in a brawl with a pitcher who shall not be named...but said pitcher shouldn't have thrown a 98 mph fastball at Bryce. I'd punch someone too! The weekend will be spent playing the Oakland Athletics before heading down the state to take on the Dodgers. A third of the season has been played and the Nationals end the month of May with a 33-19 record - not bad...not bad at all! 

That's all I've got for this week's edition of Five on Friday! Until next time - enjoy your weekend!

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  1. ALl my friends who have stitch fix LOVE it! HAppy weekending!