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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Watson Wednesday

Today's post is a little delayed...because my handsome little guy went to the groomer this morning and I decided I'd wait and share some photos of him after his grooming adventure!

Posing so sweetly.
Getting groomed wears a pup out...
So - yes. My Watson has never been to the groomer! While I'm sure that there was probably somewhere he could have gone when we lived in Mississippi...it just wasn't ever a thought. He spent so much of his time running wild and free all day long and (especially in the Summer) well into the evenings.. Life in Virginia is a little different and he spends a lot of time indoors and on the end of the leash.

A dear friend takes her pups to a groomer that is literally right across the street from our office and so I called up and made Watson an appointment and today, away we went! I was nervous for him but I don't know why - he loves meeting new people and having adventures! When I picked him up, they told me he did an excellent job and was so well-behaved! Talk about making his Momma proud!

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