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Monday, May 4, 2015

Apple Blossoms and Avengers

Another week...another recap. Although in fairness, this post almost seems more like a weekend recap because I don't feel like a whole lot happened between Monday morning and Thursday night, ha-ha!

Monday did start off somewhat rocky - headaches seem to be a good friend of mine but it's not a friendship I initiated and so I'm not really a fan. I woke up with a headache on Monday morning and it just got worse as the day progressed...and it wasn't for lack of me trying to kick it to the curb! I took Sinus meds, I took "regular" headache pills, I took Excedrin migraine and then I took more Sinus pills. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around, I had enough headache medicine coursing through my veins to knock out an army - but not MY headache! I hoped eating and having more caffeine might help the situation, so I went out to eat (as planned) for my friend Jen's birthday. Finally...finally around 7 that night, my headache backed off to the point that I could actually enjoy myself and I snapped some pictures from our belated birthday celebration...

Amelia is quite the fan of real food these days...

Two of my favorite boys, just relaxing together in the recliner!

Amelia...you have something..just there...

A shady little side smile from this one...ha-ha!
I went to bed around 9:30 on Monday night and I took Advil PM before I crawled in the bed, which in hindsight wasn't the best idea because - well, I'd already taken 2 Sinus pills, 2 Ibuprofen and 2 Excedrin migraine within the last 12-14 hours. I may have had a moment where I thought I'd made a big mistake because I had a wee bit of trouble breathing... But then I was waking up on Tuesday morning just fine, so...no harm, no foul...right? Don't worry - I won't do that again!

Wednesday afternoon treat - S'mores Frap from Starbucks - it's lovely.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve...err...tail...

Thursday evening snuggles!

Watching the rain on Thursday evening.
As I said, the week itself passed pretty quickly - it was only a four day work week for me because here in my little corner of Virginia they have something called Apple Blossom Festival and y'all, it's sort of a big deal. It's the kind of big deal that gets you Friday off from work - with pay - as a holiday! So, I slept in on Friday and then the family went to Firefly Bakery and Cafe for lunch (I'm telling y'all, that place is dangerous!) before I scooped up my favorite little guy to go see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Jennie was on of those built in best buds that I had waiting on me here in Virginia; she and Jen both just welcomed me with open arms, let me love on their kids like they were mine and within days of me moving to Virginia, we were already friends for life. Jennie and Jimmy love a good superhero movie just like me and so we took in a Friday afternoon showing of The Avengers together.

Bloom cookies at Firefly Bakery & Cafe - yes, they were as good as they looked!

Hitching a ride to the theater for some superhero action!

He was watching with rapt attention...until 2 characters kissed, at which point he jumped backward & shrieked "OH EWWWWW!" Little boys are hilarious.

Maybe my new favorite picture of Watson. 
I had dinner Friday night with my friends Katie, Joshua and Mark and then we sat around the patio of Starbucks drinking coffee and laughing far too much - I'm pretty sure the people working in the Starbucks were thrilled when we finally left, ha-ha! I cannot exaggerate enough how completely blown away I've been by the friendships I've made in the 10 months I've been here - I've have been steadily and abundantly blessed with so many wonderful new friends that I have no doubt will be in my life for years to come - it's amazing!

Saturday was Apple Blossom Day! Ha-ha! I'm pretty sure I'm the only person that really called it that; it was my first time to experience the Grand Feature Parade that is probably one of the biggest parts of Apple Blossom - I mean, it lasts for almost 3+ hours and has four sections. Whoosh! If I spent Friday afternoon with my favorite little guy, I spent Saturday afternoon with my 2 favorite girls - Emily and Amelia - I got to love on both of them while the parade passed. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, if I do say so myself!

I sure do love this sweet girl!

Especially when she says "wait - I need to put my sunglasses on like you!" 

Little sis was not interested in all the parade going-ons...

It was obviously the perfect time for a snuggly nap - and I was happy to cuddle!

Natasha Bure - daughter of Candace Cameron Bure - the 88th Queen Shenandoah

You know who this is - it's DJ Tanner! Come on! I swear, she hasn't aged....

The Grand Marshall - Kevin Jonas!

The theme for this year's festival? Get your bloom on!

Because who doesn't just ride around atop a cannon, right?

One of my new favorite pictures - look at those eyelashes!

The VA Senator across the street - I think I need to party with THAT crowd...

The LL Bean bootmobile - love it!
After the parade and a short stop at home to relax for just a little while, my Mom, Dad and I went to tour a house that my parents had some interest in buying... A house that was built in 1911! If you know me at all, you have to know I was internally screaming "that house is SO haunted!" but I definitely went along because - hello - an awesome old house! The best part of the experience? I kept slyly referencing that there were most likely ghosts in the house and as we rounded the corner of the basement - lo and behond - GHOSTS! I love it when I'm right, ha-ha! ;)

If it was completed in 1913, it's probably has a few....ghosts!

The view  from the back porch - um...yes please.

The next door neighbor - y'all, tell me that pup doesn't have personality!
Side note - I'm pretty sure that while the house was awesome, my parents are going to keep looking. It needed a little more work than they want to put into a house. So, don't think my parents are about to be living in some early 1900's mansion...at least, not yet...

I do love the views....

The first Sweet Frogs run of the season...
Sunday was another day filled with adventure - we really don't like to sit too still around here, ha-ha! We started the day with brunch at Old South Mountain Inn and it was delicious - however, I didn't eat too much after witnessing a rather dramatic moment by the buffet. The Inn is in a rather old building (hence the name...ha) and the door lintels are lower than we are all used to these days... As I stood looking over the items on the lunch portion of the brunch buffet, a gentleman walked forward and smacked the middle of his head on the door lintel! He stood very still for a moment, obviously stunned before he collapsed backward into the floor with a crash...and laid there completely unresponsive for almost 2 minutes. He fell just inches from my feet and as soon as he fell, panic erupted all around him - waiters rushing to get help, his wife immediately melting down and shouting his name, other customers standing (like me) in complete shock. He finally came to and I suppose he was alright because he resumed his brunch like nothing had ever happened...but I think after witnessing all that, I just couldn't eat much...

The Potomac River on a lovely Sunday morning...

The new infinity pool at the Bavarian Inn - I'm ready to go stay there asap...

Tulips at Old South Mountain Inn - gorgeous!

Lovely setting...delicious food!

A nearby chapel...very picturesque!
The rest of the afternoon was spent all over the place - we (my Dad and I at least) hiked up to see the original Washington Monument in South Mountain State Park that offered some pretty amazing views. We drove around Antietam National Battlefield for a little while before heading home to grab Watson and take a stroll around the Arboretum. The day ended grilling on the deck and watching for the moon to rise over the mountains!

The original Washington Monument - not quite as impressive...but still, neat nonetheless.

Climbing to the top!

Amazing views everywhere you look!

Hey - I can see my house from here! *okay...not really*

Antietam National Battlefield

Just some muskets propped up in the woods...

The Sunken Road...also known as Bloody Lane

One of the farm houses that sit on the battlefield...

And another...

The Burnside Bridge - which was swarming with gnats - good grief!

A fine way to end a Sunday...
So - till next week...

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