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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Flashback - January

I started this whole idea of looking back at years past in the mid-point of 2015...and somewhere along the way (probably December, ha!) it fell off the rails a little bit. I figured I'd start 2016 off afresh and make it my goal to get through one year of flashbacks. So - without further ado, Januarys of the past.

2016 - Snowmageddon. Or Snowpocalyse. 

Oh look - also snow.
What's this - that's right - snow.
And snuggly baby selfies!

Frigid MS temps in 2014
MS Snow in 2014 - who'd have thunk it?
And hey - cuddly baby snuggles! 

Snow in January...for the past 4 years in a row! 
I recognize those boots....
Family in town for the weekend!

I've got nothing. Eek!

Ha! Snow again!?!
Or - as is more common in MS - ICE.
Meeting & loving on sweet Ryleigh girl.

Being goofy in the snow - at Dollywood.
Posing with the bride & our friend, Ashley.
A visit from this little thief - apparently she stole my sunglasses, ha!

Ringing in the New Year in Tennessee.
DiscipleNow leader - my girls & our "mascot" - ha!
I cannot remember what grade these girls were in - I know they're all in college now though!

And...that's all I've got for this go round! I'm surprised by how much snow there has been in my Januarys past - it's kind of funny to look back and see that snow isn't as foreign a thing as I thought it might be. Just SO much snow...that's a foreign thing, ha-ha! So, until next month - that's the flashback.

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