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Monday, January 12, 2015

The First Full Week of January

another week has passed...the first full week of January and the first full week of 2015. Holy cow - I'll be thirty-one this year, but we don't need to dwell on that for too long. Lots more weeks will pass before that comes about and I'm sure there will be plenty of adventure in between here and there too! So, the week in recap...

*I'm cheating a little bit...I have pictures from last Sunday on here instead of starting with Monday. Oh well, my blog, my way of doing things. Ha-ha!*

Finally got to a World Market...found this little gem!

Yay for the return of Downton Abbey!

So excited to see Watson cuddling with his new toy...his Figment the dragon!
Life is full of disappointments and the start of this past week was no exception. Near mid-December I was offered a job and was a bit surprised by how it all came about (I won't elaborate on where; that will just have to be a mystery) but I moved forward with applying. Throughout the application process, the interview and the final call back for the job, I was assured it was a full time position...never once were the words part time said. Once I accepted the position, I was asked to arrive at 4 PM on Monday the 5th to start; which honestly worried me but I told myself that it was alright since it was only my first day. I got dressed in my black pants and a nice top, made sure I looked nice and headed off to work with optimism and a song in my head on Monday afternoon....and headed home three hours later confused, with tears in my eyes.

I was introduced to everyone at this new place of employment at the new part time employee! After my introduction, I was staunchly ignored by the manager who had hired me which led me to beleive that he's known he was misleading me all along. After a discussion with my best sounding board; my Mom, I decided to call back on Tuesday and decline the job - not that I couldn't use the money but building a working relationship on a lie is not exactly the best way to start employment. So, suffice it to say the week started on a decidedly sour note.

Monday drive to work...apparently this means it's going to snow, ha-ha!

Peeking out the window on Tuesday morning...
Tuesday was a snow day...at least for me! I was set to work but because I live in the "country" and there was more snow than expected, I opted to not brave the roads and stayed at home...with the okay from my boss of course. I experienced some more snow related firsts on Tuesday, including getting a crash course in driving in/on the snowy roads and taking a sled out for some runs down the hills of the golf course! I love the snow but let me tell you, it only stays pretty for a little while. I've never lived somewhere that snow lasts longer than a day or two, so it doesn't really have time to get too nasty...but that isn't the case here. It snowed on Tuesday...and as I write this, it's been almost a week and there is still plenty of snow...and not a lot of it is white. Forgive the following numerous snow pictures...

Watson & his coat, inspecting the fluffy snow!

Even light fluffy snow is quite heavy when it's all scooped up in a snow shovel...

I think at final count there were 4 inches of snow? Maybe more in spots...

Tracking whatever little creature went through the snow before us...

Snapped mid-leap!

Ready to zip down the hill on our saucer...& yes, he actually seemed to enjoy it!

Ready for ride two!

It's supposed to be a snow angel...but it's pretty hard to tell.
After a mid-week fail on my part - being that I drove to work on a day when I was meant to be off - the rest of the week passed pretty quickly and without too much more incident. Although after a dismal job start on Monday and an unnecessary drive on Wednesday, I'd say the rest of the week passing without incident was just fine. it was bitter cold for most of the week; getting into the negative digits with wind chill factored in at night and barely making it above the teens during the day. I was thankful to see Friday at 1:30 come so I could have almost two days off...which I spent snuggling in comfort at home, seeing some movies and eating some delicious food! A lovely weekend to be sure!

Watson thinks he needs to be completely snuggled up if he's indoors...

Saturday afternoon selfie...ready to explore some shops & go to the movies!

I FINALLY got to see The Imitation Game - yahoo!

A little Saturday night visit from my fuzzball.

Starting Sunday off right with my new Hobbit devotional.
So - another week has come...another week has gone. Moving on to the next to see what this year has in store! 

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