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Monday, December 8, 2014

Time Marches On

And I just keep marching on too... If last week was hectic and an absolute blur, then this past week has been very slow and certainly less than memorable. There is nothing wrong with weeks that are less than memorable, especially after a week that I'll never forget. So...not that many pictures this week and maybe not that many stories. That's how it goes sometimes.

A get well card from my co-workers.

Trick picture - it would seem like a lot of snow but nope, I just found the only pile left. Ha-ha!
I spent Monday sleeping late and applying for jobs and well, that's basically how I spend a lot of my days off. I guess I was recovering from the whirlwind week previously. The threat of snow and sleet made Tuesday a day that was reserved for being extra snug - I drank coffee and hot tea and made Christmas cards out of a random kit that my Mom found from last year's Hobby Lobby post-Christmas sale. We finished out the evening with grocery shopping and picking up my rental car - I'll be driving a Toyota Corolla for the next little while...at least until the 15th.

Christmas cards by Natalie...ha-ha!

The rental in the rain.

Watson peering out the window...he can't do that anymore, too many presents now. :)

Rainstorms leaves raindrops....

Watson loves snuggling with his Nana.
The rest of the week seems like it passed slowly enough but like I said - nothing memorable. I spent my Friday night at work, dealing with crazy Christmas shoppers. Listen - people really are crazy and after the past few months working retail (Lord help me) I have some stories that would make your hair curl. People are vicious about the silliest things! We went to some Christmas open houses on Saturday morning and guess where I spent Saturday afternoon and night? If you guessed at work, you are on fire! It rained all of Friday night and all day and night Saturday but that never stops people from stampeding through the doors filled with "holiday spirit". I also worked on Sunday morning (sigh) and by the time 2 on Sunday afternoon came around, I was ready to drop.

Sick & tired of the rain. I guess he wishes it was snow?
I did manage to pull together some Christmas cheer and head to the Sunday School Christmas party on Sunday night. It was a lovely way to end out another week. And so, the countdown toward Christmas ticks right on...only 17 days you guys. 17 days! I know this because I'm currently watching a Hallmark movie and the bottom of the screen keeps telling me that there are only 17 days to go... 

And yes - a Hallmark Christmas movie. Please appreciate the irony. I certainly do.

Some of my favorite party guests!

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