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Monday, September 22, 2014

Seven....Just Seven...

That's it - I only have seven pictures from the last week. I don't know if I've ever had that few on a recap post. I could say I don't know what I was doing all week that left me with only seven pictures but when I wasn't at work or at church I had my nose buried in a book reading. I'm slightly hooked on the Outlander series and I'm over halfway through the fourth book and so it consumes all my "extra" time. So, here are the very few pictures I took this past week...

Autumn porch decorations!

The most gigantic Praying Mantis on the front door - inches from my head. Eek!
I suppose the only story I have from this past week is that Watson has been crate trained - if you can even call it that. He developed a nasty habit of chewing on my parent's furniture when we were gone and even though he's only had maybe two accidents in the almost five years I've had him...he also decided he'd pee all over the floor last Tuesday night. So, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a nice crate for him and was dreading at least a few nights of him crying and whining when he was put in the crate. I'm going to have to guess that he was crate trained as a puppy (before I had him) because he hasn't cried once, crawls right in the thing at night for bed and even crawls into it to take naps! So, besides occasional furniture nibbling and once a year in home accidents, I'd say I won the pet lottery!

And for some reason - I have no picture of him in the crate; so that will come later...

A very Fall morning from the deck - and it's really feeling very Fall-ish as well! 

All the trees are starting to try out new colors!

Two little helpers at church - watching them "move" this table was hilarious. They'd go two steps, sit it down & sigh, then scoot it two more steps & stop again. Ha!

Sweet smiles & cuddles from two of my three favorite little people!

A Sunday night sunset before the wind & cooler weather rolled in!
So you see - that's about all I've got for this past week. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go read some more.

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