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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Orlando Experience - Shop till you Drop!

Tuesday...you've got to love Tuesday because while it was a so-called "down" day, it was still a down-day done Disney style and that's honestly the best kind of down day there can be, right? Okay, maybe I'm a little too in love with Disney. Oh wait - NOT POSSIBLE! Moving right along...

We slept late (okay, Ginger slept really late...ha-ha) on Tuesday and then got on one of the lovely Disney transportation buses and made our way to Downtown Disney. We passed Typhoon Lagoon on the way and I have to say a small part of me was sad we weren't hitting one of the water parks on this trip - Disney does everything in such a special and magical way, even the water parks. Having said that, even in the 100+ temps I wouldn't have been swimming with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon - I did it once before and it was fine, but I was young and innocent then - I hadn't watched years of Shark Week!

Lunch at Rainforest Cafe - of course things got a little bit "wild"

Step right up for pasta, ribs & indoor rain showers....

World of Disney - if you can't find it here, you probably won't find it at all. I love this store.
I love Downtown Disney and I probably could have stayed longer than the 4 hours we were there - they have so many unique shops and of course, they have the largest Disney store ever: World of Disney. I absolutely fell in love with so many of the things I saw, from the Be Our Guest dishes to the Dooney and Bourke Disney purses (that was a laugh...I had nowhere near that kind of money, but one can dream...) and do not get me started on all the pins! I could look at this stuff for days and find something else I wanted every time! Lindsey did the most damage at Downtown Disney, walking away with three bags of stuff - whoosh! I also discovered a new favorite store - Basin!

The Lego lake monster - look out!

Lady & the Tramp - I love those ears Lady!

The princesses from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Salon preparing to lead the parade - those flip-flops are princess chic! They also happen to be my three favorite princesses: Elsa, Belle & Anna...also Elsa is actually a queen...

Shop till you drop! 

I added to my pin collection quite a bit this trip...
After a short visit to the pool, we caught the boat over to the Fort Wilderness campground for dinner and show - the Hoopty Doo Musical Revue. I am always skeptical about these "hokey" dinner and a show type things but it is completely understandable why this is considered the number one dinner show at Disney - the food was delicious and the performers were hilarious...and don't even get me started on the strawberry shortcake! We got caught in a bit of rain as we left but we ended the night with a rainbow and we all hoped that it was a sign it wouldn't rain anymore while we were at Disney, ha-ha!

Wave your napkin in the air!

The guy in the vest - Six Bit Slocum was his "name"...he was hilarious.

I'll take more...and more...and more...

She's a natural folks!

Good night!

No more rain - we hope!

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