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Monday, May 12, 2014

Sneaky Rainbows

I feel like this week has been both remarkable and unremarkable all at the same time - how is that even possible? I don't know; I'm not good at figuring all that out...but it is what it is...and I'm rambling like a complete nut. I have a tendency to do that...which you should know if you've read this blog at all. Seriously, before I continue on this path - pictures from the past week.

Cinco De Mayo supper and Thirty-One party - ole!
Monday was kind of a crazy day but it ended on a really nice note - after work I went to the Mexican restaurant in Collinsville for a friend's Thirty-One showing and Cinco De Mayo party all in one! It was a really good time and it was nice to start the week with friends, good food and even a door prize...and a new bag for myself; a bag that was on sale! There was a pinata that you pulled a string from to get a door prize, a question and answer game to win a tote (side note...I did not win, I didn't even come close) and mustaches and sombreros to take fun pictures - and while I did snag a shot of myself with a mustache, I didn't don a sombrero. I may not have won the tote, but I did discover in the pile of Cash & Carry items a tote that was black and white polka dot with a paw print and a maroon S embroidered on it! It was originally made for someone else but they decided they didn't want it and that's where I got lucky - because I was raised to cheer for the Mississippi State bulldogs and as it would happen, my last name starts with an S! So I lucked out in that category and took myself home a new tote!

My new tote & my door prize - a lime green flower clip to add some pizzazz to a bag!
Being goofy at work on Tuesday...I don't even know why...

My possible green thumb shows itself again...my flowers have decided to bloom again this year, yahoo!

A hidden frog, he was making himself at home behind the shutter of my house.
Wednesday stressed me out - it was just one of those days when there were a hundred small things and each one was just pushing a nerve; it was not cool. I felt like at work everyone had something they wanted me to do and they each wanted their project done immediately and I just can't sprout six arms and take care of all of it at once...it was crazy...and I only do my brand of crazy well. Between work stress and coming home to discover my dog has decided the middle of the street is a cool place to hang out, I wasn't so sad to see Wednesday pass on by - I was just so happy to get home on Wednesday and curl up on the couch with my red beans and rice to watch Fargo (which I'd DVR'ed). Good times, good times...and a good way to end a less than calm Wednesday - by reminding myself that at least I don't live in Minnesota - because that place looks frigid!

The office lizard has returned now that warmer temperatures have returned...

A sneaky rainbow that I almost didn't see - but there it is! Maybe a nod to God's promise(s)? I hope so..
An extremely enthusiastic helper - he could care less about wrapping presents. 
That precious time in the mornings when you wake up & realize you can just lay still & quiet a wee bit longer...
It rained on Friday - can you tell? 

The office bought everyone beignets; they were delicious & also helped to prove I have 0 willpower...

Ivy on the window at work - I love it!
I spent my Friday night cruising up and down the interstate to Jackson; my parents came in for the weekend (well, a little longer than the weekend...but you catch my drift) and so around 7, I set out in the drizzle to go fetch the folks. I'd been told there was a cell phone lot at the airport (and there is) but I spent so much time driving in circles that by the time I found the cell phone lot, all I had time to do was put the car in park and then my phone jangled with a text from my Mom announcing they'd arrived. I'd brought a book and everything; I was prepared to sit in the cool night air and read a little if the situation required it...but nope, they were here! We headed back out into the drippy, foggy night homeward and Watson was so excited to see them I thought he was going to vault over the arm of the chair and into my Mom's arms - he's a mess. Always a mess.

Friday night drive...

A backyard bunny rabbit on Saturday morning - my Dad said this rabbit missed the memo that Easter was a couple weeks ago...

My super cool book from Weta Workshop in New Zealand, all about how they created Smaug. Signed copy!

I found myself a very Game of Thrones-esque crown in The Atrium - don't you love it?
We spent Saturday on what felt like the never-ending shoe quest... I love looking for shoes but good gracious; all I needed was a pair of black, bejeweled sandals to wear with a dress and it was like we were hunting for the holy grail! We went to Belk's, Dillards, JCPenney's, the Shoe Department and finally...the Shoe Carnival actually had the shoes we needed! Praise the Lord! I was beginning to think I'd just be going barefoot for Lindsey's commissioning....just kidding, my Mom would never allow it, ha-ha! We did a little more than just shop for shoes and finished up the excursion with Baskin Robbins - always an excellent choice after a long day of shopping.

Getting shoe input from halfway across the country....it's a YES!

Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream - for the win!

Graduation Sunday at FBCC - I feel old now...

My sweet Momma won a plant because she traveled the longest distance to be in Collinsville on Mother's Day!
My yard is in full bloom!
Well - I suppose that's all for now. Monday has come again and there is a whole new week ahead filled with challenges, trials and surprises just waiting to unfold. I don't know what you're looking forward to, but I'm counting down the days till May 24th when I'll be Colorado Springs bound to spend a whole week off from work, just enjoying life. Until then, I'll try to find the rainbow in the clouds...

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