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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Early Exit

Well - I started this post earlier today and for some reason, nothing I wrote saved...and to be honest, the past twenty minutes have been a struggle for me and so this post is going to be pictures, because I'm not feeling it like I was earlier today. It happens; so I'll move on this.

Thankfully the work week was quick this week and I'll be bound for the Smoky Mountains tomorrow morning to spend Easter weekend with my Mom and Dad. So, just a few pictures from the week thus far because the weekend will be it's on post. :)

Doesn't everyone feel this way every Monday....always? I do...

Watson is able to leap storm debris in a single bound!

The look of panic on his face every time there is a rumble of thunder - bless his heart.

He couldn't decide this week where he wanted to sleep - in his bed, on the chaise lounge....starting the night on one & ending it on the other.

A little Easter treat from somebunny at work...Nom Nom Nom

Watson was just done on Wednesday, he came in and was asleep on the couch within five minutes.

Flowers outside the office - so pretty.

Everything is in bloom & it all looks glorious!

My cousin cut my grass on Thursday afternoon and it just made my heart so happy! 

My bag of nibbles for on the road....I mean, I won't eat it all in one sitting.

My bag is packed & ready to go - and so am I!

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