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Monday, March 17, 2014

....I Can't Think of a Witty Title....

Oh my goodness - really, I can't for the life of me think of anything good to title this post; I think my brain is still asleep this morning and so you all will have to settle for my lame, pitiful title. Ha-ha! Maybe once I've finished writing the post and in the process, drank gallons of coffee...I might think of something better. The past week somehow seemed both long and short - if you can explain that phenomenon, please do...anyway, looking back...

I want a sign like this for my door...maybe I need to make one...hahahahaha!
I realized that so many of the pictures I took this past week were of nature - it seems like Spring really started showing up and showing off this past week and I can't resist some pretty foliage! I am all kinds of thrilled that the cold(ish) weather is finally starting to peter out...now if only the Spring weather will stick around just a little bit; I'd hate for the weather to be nice for two weeks and then go into oven mode for the next eight months - but since that is what usually happens, we all better enjoy the Spring while it lasts!

Oh yeah - but do you know what comes with Spring? The time change; that's what! And yes, I do agree that it's lovely when the sun is up until almost 7:30 or 8 at night but let me just tell you, waking up at 6:30 and feeling like it is 5:30...that is NOT lovely. I am not exactly a bounce out of bed with joy and happiness kind of person anyway (at least not until I get some coffee....) but when it is still dark outside, I just am not okay with that at all. I struggle and drag and shuffle through my morning routine like a zombie and my sweet dog; he just looks at me like I've lost my mind when I open the door to where his bed it, he is thinking "are you seriously waking me up when it's still dark outside?" I mean, not good people. Not good.

The sun was still coming up as I drove to work Monday - sure, it makes for a beautiful picture or two, but that's just no good. No good at all.

Flowers in bloom everywhere you look!

Begging - with his mouth wide open, ready to receive a bite of whatever I'll give him...silly goose!

Snowy white petals...

Soon I won't be able to see the road anymore...the trees will be in full bloom and everything will be shielded by fluffy leaves...
I'm telling you - Watson obviously loves the Spring weather and the proof is that he is worn out every single day! He plays and plays, sometimes until almost 8 at night and then when he comes in, he eats supper and immediately finds a place to sleep and that is all she wrote! Once in a while, he might be tempted to come in before the sun sets but that is usually only if he thinks he might get a bite of whatever I'm having for supper. Otherwise, he plays in the fading daylight until he just can't handle anymore fun and then comes inside, has a sip of water and a couple bites of food and then lays down and crashes! He always cracks me up!

Please stop taking pictures of me - I am trying to sleep!

Hank - the office mascot; or at least the mascot at my desk...on Thursday!

Have you ever seen such a blue sky?

Trees in bloom in the neighbor's yard...which used to be MY yard!

Packing for a weekend visit to Jackson...and all my Thirty-One things matched!
I spent the weekend in Jackson, visiting with some friends from college. We spent Friday night eating some delicious Mexican food at Jaco's Tacos (complete with a yummy Pina Coloda for me) and then just relaxed at one of the aforementioned friend's houses, watching some TV. Saturday was spent shopping and apparently tons of places have St. Patrick's Day sales...who knew? Happily I benefited from those sales and I was able to get lots of cute things and didn't spend too much money, which is always something to be thrilled about, right? The friend I was staying with; we met up with a second college friend for yogurt and had a good time catching up on Saturday afternoon. We also went to see "Frozen" for a second time (both of us had already seen it once...) and it was just as good the second time as it was the first - I may have had to restrain myself from singing along, ha-ha! On Sunday after church, we had lunch with another friend from college and then I drove on home to see my sweet puppy! It was a good weekend, but for whatever reason, it had me worn out when it was all said and done! I must be getting old y'all!

Friday night supper at Jaco's Tacos - some really good Mexican food!

Hanging out at David's apartment!

Saturday morning coffee - can't beat a Vanilla Machiatto! 

A sweet friend gave me this cute necklace - and it matched what I was wearing on Saturday!

Yogurt - cheesecake and cake batter with all manner of chocolate deliciousness on top! Yes please!

Yogurt with Kristen and Lisa - good to catch up with friends!

The Renaissance at night - always so pretty, whether the sun is up or down...
I don't know about you, but I always love coming home after a trip. There is something so comforting about being in your "own place" after being away. I'm sure some people will think this is nuts, but it is so therapeutic for me to put all my things away and make sure my house is in order. I know - I'm nuts, right? I'm telling you...making sure things are organized gives me peace of mind! I managed to take a short twenty minute cat nap before I had to get to church for afternoon and evening activities. I did manage to celebrate for a quick few minutes with Watson - who turned 5 on Saturday! All in all, a good end to the week!

Cute clothes from Old Navy - and two super cute Spring/Summer scarves!

I may have gotten a little sandal happy - but I needed all of them. Okay, maybe I didn't need the gold ones, but they were only $15!!

Only three weeks until season four premieres - until then, I'll do some light reading on the subject...

Happy Birthday - have one of the white chocolate dog bones I got for you!

A little Spring "snow"...soon that tree will be bright green!

Ending my weekend watching some "Once Upon a Time" with Watson - I love it!
Well - I typed the post and drank about eight ounces of coffee and...still no witty title. It's Monday morning, what can I say? Hope you have a good week - if I could only get woken up, maybe I could get started on that myself!

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